Jesse Maroney and Amin Eshaiker

Jesse Maroney (37) talks with his friend and colleague at LinkOutside, Amin Eshaiker (37) about some of the biggest influences in his life growing up as a biracial child in Connecticut and spending time with his father's family in North...

Kingdawud Burgess and Imran Syed

Kingdawud Burgess (42) is interviewed by his attorney Imran Syed (37) about his early childhood and about his experience being incarcerated. He also talks about converting to Islam and becoming a published author.

Anthony McDuffie and Jesse Maroney

Anthony "Bomani" McDuffie (34) shares with his friend Jesse Maroney (37) about his life growing up in South Los Angeles, the impact of the loss of his father, and how hyper-policing and trauma from his childhood lent itself to his...