Nana and the bicycle

My grandmother talks about getting roller skates for Christmas and her friends bicycle

My Grandmas story

I asked her a series of questions about her life and where she is from and etc

Life in Albany

This is a conversation about life growing up in Albany as well as the typical family after World War II.

Thanksgiving Interview

Today I interviewed my grandfather, Tomas. We discussed past experiences and memories of family. I discovered many new stories from him and was taught a valuable lesson.

My Grandmother’s Interview #TheGreatListen

My grandmother has lived an amazing life and today she will be sharing it through this short but informational interview.

Me and my popo

Me and my poop sitting down and having a chat

Interview with Grandma Mary

Asked my dear grandma questions about her childhood, her family, how she and my grandpa met, and who’s made an impact on her life. Transcript (Translated into English, some parts paraphrased): Joanne: Hi, my name is Joanne Chua. I am...

Thanksgiving 2017- Emma and Nora

My grandmother gave me a brief understanding of her childhood and how she wants to be remembered.

Questions with mom

Talking to my mom about our family history and traditions.

Chiefs life and how it has changed

In this interview conducted in November 2017 in Annapolis Maryland Willie Burson(15) interviews his grandpa John Morton 111 (74)about his life and how it has changed. He talks about his childhood and meeting his wife. What he liked to do....

Interview with Raul Garai

In this interview we talk about what has happend in Raul’s life and what has made him the person he is. Being a parent and a husband also comes up in his life story, and he learns lessons he would...

The Most Important Moments In Life

In this interview, Evelyn, my grandmother, talked about her childhood memories and how she learned how to use her patience. The one thing she said was “never ever step down.” This phrase means you can be anything you want to...