LHP- Ron Snyder 1960s

Ron Snyder’s experiences living through the 1960s

Living History Interview

I interviewed my grandfather about the 1960’s and the Democratic National Convention.

Thanksgiving Interview with Mom

She told me a lot about what it was like growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. We also talked about social issues pertaining to Leominster and society.

Kim’s Story
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Kim talks about how her childhood back in the later 20th century. She goes back and takes a look back on who she was and what she was like.

The 1960’s with Patricia Bowman

Patricia Bowman recalls events that occurred in the 1960s.

JFK Interview

Talking about the JFK assassination


I interviewed my grandfather about the 1960s.


Interview regarding what life was like during the 1960s

Interview with Lynn Edmunds

We talked about her childhood memories growing up in northern California in the 70s. She discussed a funny childhood story, the loss of her best friend when she was eleven, the interesting farm life of her parents, and the jobs...

Brenda Stovall 11/27/18

Me interviewing my grandma about her past growing up in Georgia in the 50’s and 60’s

My Grandma’s Interesting Perspective on Modern History

The interview covers my Grandma's perspective on her life and important events of recent history including The Civil Rights Movement, Feminism, JFK's Assasination, and 9/11.

Chat With My Dad

Chatting with my dad about life as a young person, jobs, and voting.

Early days in Switzerland. The power of radio.

Interviewed dad on his history growing up in Switzerland before coming the the US. This interview covers his experiences with radio.

Interview With Hope Petrine—Her time in the South during the Civil Rights Movement as a white female

Born in 1939, my grandmother Hope Petrine grew up in the South during the time of the Civil Rights Movement. She tells stories of her experiences with people and places during this time.

Grandma Jo

This is an interview of Josephine Wilhelmi, grandmother to Marta Schneider where she recalls some of her childhood, teen, and young adult/parent memories.