Abhishek Chadha and Daniel Browne

This is an interview about the 1970's. Full transcript is available at: https://sites.google.com/weiserscouts.org/the-innovative-1970s-decade/interviews/abhisheks-interview

Young Erangey

Young Erangey, my grandma, has always kept her faith in God. She discusses her love for her parents and how it was like falling in love in Korea. She also talks about her two daughters and the hopes she has...

Interview with the past gen
September 13, 2018 App Interview

Asking about pass and future gen

Thanksgiving Interview With Dad

My dad grew up in Evergreen,Colorado. He liked to ride his motorcycle around and participate in student government in highschool. He married my mom christine, whom he met at his apartment complex. He went to law school, and works as...