It is important to always stay patient

Kristen Morris is interviewed by her sister, Jessica Kleppel. Kristen talks about growing up in the 1970s and having patience throughout life, and not being able to control everything.

Patrick Costello: Interview with my Dad

In the Interview we talked about what it was like growing up for him.

Grace Reed and her uncle Richard talk about his childhood memories and interesting life stories.

Grace Reed interviewed her uncle Richard Reed at her home in Warwick, RI on November 24th, 2017. Mr. Reed, the youngest of six children, offers his funny, cynical take on his upbringing in East Greenwich, RI during the 1960s and...

Mimi Facher Drop-in Center Reunion interview part 2 of 2

Mimi talked about how she came to Provincetown in 1973 and found her way to the drop-in center as a 16 year old runaway. Part 2 of a 2-part interview.

Provincetown drop in center reunion May 18, 2019 Sheila Grossman

What brought Sheila to Provincetown in 1970, what it was like to live in Provincetown then, and the ways Provincetown affected the rest of her life.

Tran Tuong Nhu story share with her son Ky-Nam

Conversation between mother and son, joined midway through by father, touching in her upbringing in Viet-Nam and Europe, how she met her husband, and the most pivotal moment in her life.

Cristian Arencibia’s family research podcast from Cortez’s p.5

I’ve learned somewhat about my moms past life in Cuba but i didn’t get too deep into it.

Life in the 60s

My Aunt Linda talked about her life in the 1960s and how she met my Uncle in 1970.

Interview With Christopher Lofaro

Chris talked mostly about his youth and childhood, as well as about his family.

Global Arizona – Mother and Daughter Discuss Family History and Immigration

My mother and I discuss her family’s story of immigrating from Serbia to the United States in 1970. She is the youngest of four siblings (pictured above).


A variety of topics, including community, socialization, influential relationships, and family history.

The Thanksgiving listen

I conducted an interview w/ my uncle Avi about his teenage years and his experiences while relating them to mine as well.

The Elementary Maverick

Before big campuses like Campbell Hall, schools would be smaller and different then they are today. Alex Sanger, is a father of two who lived in Texas until he moved to LA, he went to elementary there and had lots...

Suzanne Kovic

From the start, we talked about family history and immigration. From there, her relationships with family members bled into her experiences and views of different presidential administrations. The Vietnam war had a large impact on her family, seeing that her...