Talking to G.G.

Gwendolyn reflects on her past. Her past was a very good one, and she LOVED ths 70’s.

My mom

This awesome to hear these questions

Life after divorce

she talks about how her divorce changes her

Patricia Emsellem interview Drop-in Center reunion May 19 2019

Patricia Talks about how she found Provincetown through the tumult of the late 60s, how Provincetown represented a real community in the natural world, in contrast with the suburbanization, consumerism, and alienation that was rampant where she came from. She...

Interview with mom

We discussed about her childhood, painfull moments in her life and who she admired

Dear Mama

After interviewing my mom, I’ve learned that her personality has always been consistent from her past to the present.


A variety of topics, including community, socialization, influential relationships, and family history.

Immigration story

I interviewed my mom about her immigration story.

The Great Listen 2018

This interview focused on the family, traditions, and careers of the interviewee, Drew Gannon. He gave an in-depth description of his family’s thanksgiving traditions as well as his childhood job as a paperboy. Childhood memories, advice, and good stories are...

Candace Sanelli talks about growing up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

In this interview from November 2017 recorded in Flemington, NJ, Lorenzo Sanelli (14) interviews his mother Candace Sanelli (56) about her childhood in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and her life.

Diego Uribe

My and my dad talked about his favorite memory.Also how he was growing up.

Charlotte Brewer and Isabella Brewer discuss life in a small town in the Southern United States in the 1960s and 70s.

In this interview, conducted December 7, 2017 in Memphis, Tennessee, Isabella Brewer (15) interviews her grandmother Charlotte Brewer (63) about her life in multiple small towns in Arkansas in the Southern United States. Ms. Brewer describes her experience in school...

Megan McCormick and her mother Jennifer McCormick discuss growing up, family traditions, and developing one’s identity.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Gallatin, Tennessee, Megan McCormick (17) interviews her mother Jennifer McCormick (44) about what life was like for her growing up in the 70s as a part of a family with traditions that...

Mom’s past
January 19, 2018 App Interview

Interview about my mom and her past and memories

Interviewing Mr Sam about the GE-14

People are encouraged not to be indifferent to the politics of own country. We are all the part of the country, and unity is strength. Together we all are born to make the country better. The cooperation of people is...

Interviewing My Mom

I asked my mom questions I had for her and learned new things about her.

Michelle Amoah and her mom Monica Amoah discuss growing up in Ghana, West Africa

In this interview, conducted on November 26, 2017 in Arlington, Texas, Michelle Amoah (16) interviews her mother Monica Amoah (47) about living in Ghana, a country in West Africa. Ms.Amoah shares stories about her childhood including living with her sister...

Moms Childhood interview

I asked questions about my mother's childhood and what she did and what her life was like back then.

Grateful Hearts

Moving from Taiwan at 13 years old Peter Wang was told that he was never going to be successful. Looking back on his life, he knows that the ones who teased and mocked him were wrong. He shares his wisdom...

Grandaughter interviewing grandma about the past

In this interview, I am asking my grandma questions about the past and his life was in her perspective. I definitely learned more from this interview and I think you will too!

November 22, 2018 App Interview

I talked to my grandmother about her experience immigrating from India to the United States and what she has seen and been through throughout her time here.