Family over everything

Madisyn learned a lot about Her grandfather, Mike

Interview With my Dad on the Paradox of Progress

My dad and I have a discussion on the progress of the world that quickly details into a discussion on the progress of design and cars.

Bus tech

Summary of this interview is me asking my dad COVID questions

What was the world like when you were a teenager?

What was the world like back then, was it safer, was it easier, was it better.

Things about Tayja
September 14, 2018 App Interview

We had a fun time doing this interview a lot of laughs and such but hey we got it done

great thanksgiving listen 2019- jade petersen

My grandmother lived in Vietnam until 1975. She grew up in Heu, where she lived in a convent from ages 12-17.

My grandfathers first career; and how he lost it.

He worked at Loyola Univeristy of Chicago in 1970 and lost his job for bringing gay liberation into the classroom.

Felicitas Martínez

we talked about her early childhood days and some historical events she remembered.

The great thanksgiving interview

Me and my dad had a nice interview about his life and how he grew up. Also a bunch of different stuff I never knew about him

My Father: Growing Up During the Cold War
November 27, 2017 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Birmingham, AL, Alison Levine (16) interviews her father, Adam Levine, about growing up during the Cold War. He discusses the effects the war had on him and others. He also details specific...

A Navy Wife

An interview with the wife of someone who was in the US Navy

Life in the 60s

My Aunt Linda talked about her life in the 1960s and how she met my Uncle in 1970.

My Thanksgiving Interview

My grandma talking about how her life was. She talks about women injustice.

Stuart Aaronson interview drop-in center reunion May 19 2019

Stu discusses how he got to Provincetown, how the whole-health approach of the drop-in center affected his approach to health care and role as a mental health administrator at Harlem Hospital, and why the drop-in center was a special place.

Getting to know you.

This interview is just getting to know more about my mother’s life. It is set to get a better understanding of why she is the person she is today.