I asked Tatianna some questions about the 1990s.

1990s Interview

I interviewed Kelly Arnold about the 1990s

1990’s Interview #1

Interview about the 1990's decade from the viewpoint of a mother and wife


Asked my dad when he first arrived to the US, when he finally became legalizaed, and when he got his first car and house.

1990’s Interview #2

The 1990's from the viewpoint of a child growing into adulthood

Interviewing My Father On His Job In The Mechanical Industry (Ms.C I could not find some questions on the app. In Notes)

My dad's name is Edgar Perez. Today's date is November 24, 2018. I wanted to ask him about his work at New York City Transit. I wanted to learn more about how it's impacted his and our families life.

Interview with Sarah Moulton

The interview was short and sweet. I think I learned a lot.

From a Child in RI to a Cop in CA

As a child in Rhode Island, Deborah Rhames never thought she would somehow, someway become a policewoman in Los Angeles. In this interview on November 29th 2017 she talks to Freedom Rhames about her journey to Los Angeles, and the...

Robert talks about the 90s decade.

Madison asks Robert about some important events in the 1990s.

Debbie talks about the 90s decade.

Maddie asks Debbie questions about important events in the 1990s.


Interview with Tim about his experiences in the 1990s.

"I love you."

Dear pals, Lexie and Marina, talk about growing up in the Midwest, resonance with effeminate men, coming out as many things, hospitalization, the anthology "Written on the Body." The interview may or may not close with a lil song :)

Working in the US Defense Industry During the Cold War at the Northrop Corporation

Nils Kolderup discusses his career at the Northrop Corporation from the 1960s to 1994. He developed astro-intertial navigation systems and electronics which could withstand high levels of nuclear radation. We also discuss how his career influenced his perspective on the...

Remembering Maxine McAninch Hogue in celebration of her 100th birthday

Janet Hogue Thompson (77) talks with her daughter Michelle Thompson (51) about the life of her mother Mary Maxine McAninch Hogue (1920-1993) in rural Casey County, Kentucky.

Memories and Messages From My Mom

My mom shared lessons that she learned during her lifetime. She also gave my some more insight into her teen years.