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Shirley Griffin and A.E. Griffin

Husband and wife Shirley Clemens Griffin (54) and A.E. Griffin (53) talk about marriage, their growth as a couple, and their experiences with faith and religion.

Nicole Poole and David Bowen

One Small Step partners Nicole Poole (52) and David "Dave" Bowen (59) talk about how trauma has shaped their lives, how they approach communicating across difference, and how they experience their own spirituality.

Shanika Ampah and Nathan Earl

Friends Nathan Earl (46) and Shanika Ampah (41) discuss how they each came to the anti-trafficking field, their individual stories of being trafficked, what they hope to see in the ant-trafficking field, and how they would like to pass on...

Alessandra Nabb and Ania [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Alessandra Nabb (23) and Ania [No Name Give] [no age given] talk about the lasting impact of adverse childhood experiences, the formation of their political identities, and their reactions to American individualism.

Session 4 – My Mom Cheryl – and I, discussing Adverse Childhood Experiences

A hard interview - super raw. We talk about our Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and the impact to our relationship as mother and daughter and how it's impacted where we are today.