Interview With Mom

My mom’s past life and how she started up a very successful business was discussed.

Changes in Advertising

Discussed the effects of advertising on my mom’s generation. Had her take the VALS test to determine what kind of consumer she is.

The Great American Listen: Rosanne McShane

My mother Rose and I talked about what her life was like growing up in Connecticut. Rose also talked about what her parents and grandparents life’s were like before she was born and during her life.

Profile questions

My moms manager is the one talking and she is a manager at a bar and my family owns tons of bars and I know how stressful it could get so I wanted to see it from someone else’s perspective

2008 Recession with Michael Steffes

My father, Michael Steffes, talking about the loss of his bar/restaurant during the 2008 recession. Exaplins how it effected him and his family during these hard times and how he has grown from it.

The great listen 11/24/18

I(Andrew) interview my dad on the course of his whole life and the specific events/moments he remembers the most.

The History of Advertising

In this interview with my father, Jon Reed, we discussed the history of advertising and his perspective on where he believes it is heading in the future.

The Great Thanksgiving

I️ talked with my mom about her past life and things she would change/that would help me in the future

Life in my Moms Eyes

In this interview we talked about how my moms life was as a child. And the impact people made on her adult life.