In this interview from November 29th, 2019, I (Bella Driscoll) interviewed my brother Braeden about his successes and experiences in the Air Force. He shared stories that happened on base and his experiences traveling around the world. He also shared...

Ty Harris and Kaylea Harris

Ty Harris (50) speaks with his daughter Kaylea Harris (19) about how his career in the Air Force shaped his family, explains the political context of the Iraq War, and remembers some of the people he met while there. Ty...

Our veteran, Mr. Frank Prevett’s interview by Dolly Patel.

An interview of a veteran who gave his service in the U.S. Air Force.

Ryan Morse

We learn about Ryan's interests after Highschool and how he will manage them.

Josh Higginson interviewing his grandma and grandpa

I interview mostly my grandpa with help from my mom and grandma. We talk about where he grew up, his time in the air Force, meeting my grandma, and moving to America.

Military Dad

My dad tells me about his experiences in the air force!

Maya Fuentes and her father talk about past life and religion and spirituality

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2018 in Chicago, illinois, Maya Fuentes (16) interviews her father Oscar fuentes (53) about his past life when he was in highschool. Oscar shares stories about his memorable events in highschool when he...

7th grade Tx History

in This interview my grandpa will answer questions. The questions are about his military experience and his heritage.

Darlene Castaneda and Diane Kirkland

One Small Step conversation partners Darlene Castaneda (59) and Diane Kirkland (48) talk about their upbringings, the role of social media, life in Bakersfield, and increasing division in the US.

Thomas Galvin 11/25/2018

In this interview, I spoke with my father, Thomas Galvin, about some pretty general things. We talked about his accomplishments, his military service, his cancer battle, his basic morals, and what he wants the future generations to know, and it...

Interview with my Grandpa: West Virginia to Seattle

My grandpa’s time as a military police officer and his migration to Seattle

Maggie’s Military, Music, Marriage

Maggie Fox (my coworker) tells her story of her musical military lover. And how when you stop searching for someone to love that person finds their way to you. They have now been happily married for 48 years and still...

Where Have all my Good Men Gone?

“You never know when it’s going to be the last time you see somebody, life is so uncertain” In this interview, we hear Mighty Behrendt interviewing her grandmother, Sharon Hemmer Ruotola in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 28th,2019. Sharon was...

Katherine and Gordon discuss how he came to California on his journey with the Air Force.

Gordon tells his granddaughter, Katherine, how he came to California. After a trip to Havana in college, extra clearance was required for his admission to the Air Force due to Fidel Castro's government in Cuba at the time. With the...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed Mr. Bliss and the focus of the interview was his time in the Air Force and his family.

interview with amar kosaraju

my uncle told me abput his life as a child, growing up, and being an Indian in the Airforce