History Project

This is an interview with my dad in which we discuss his military service, childhood, and me (his daughter).

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about my grandfather’s service in the Navy and Airforce Reserve.

Coming from Mexico

I talked with my grandpa about what it was like coming to the United States from Mexico and his experiences.

The Past of a Coach

“Being in an Airforce family caused me to move a lot...”

Interview with Dad

Dad and I talked about life with Parkinson’s, his time in the Air Force, his parents and his life overall.

Fieldwork Exercise – Anthropology

I am interviewing my sister’s fiancé and discussing his experiences growing up in Louisiana, joining the military, & getting engaged.

Midnight Chow

The time the head chapel rope talked me into midnight Chow.

Lauren – Air Force Interview

Lauren explains how she got where she is today, and what her future might hold.

Lorain Hennig and Catherine Bachman

Lorain "Sunny" Hennig (92) tells his daughter, Catherine A. Hennig Bachman (61), about his time growing up on a farm in Iowa, his service in the air force in World War II and Vietnam, and his career after as a...

David Englert and Logan Englert

David Robert Englert (53) talks to his son, Logan Englert (18), about his service in the military and his five deployments. Logan shares reflections on being raised in a military family and traveling.


Pawpaw and his granddaughter talked about his childhood, parents, the military, meeting his wife, getting married, and having children.

Travis Lewis and his grandfather Walter Lewis discuss life growing up and the lessons learned through experiences.

In this interview, Travis Lewis (18) interviews his grandfather Walter Lewis about his life growing up and the experiences and lessons he had during his lifetime. Walter Lewis talks about the hard work he did all his life and the...

Memories from 1950s India and the Air Force

In this interview, my grandpa talks about his childhood and his memories working in the Air Force. He was born in Kerala, India and joined the Air Force when he was 18 years old, and shortly afterwards the war started....

A War On Two Fronts

Not long ago, people of color were more heavily mistreated, denied opportunities, and denied respect based on one thing. On November 29th, 2017, 14 year old Jason Ridley interviews his 85 year old grandfather, John Ridley III, about his time...

John Boles: Lieutenant Colonel, US Air-Force

Malcolm Raupp interviews John Boles, who was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Vietnam War. John is Malcolm’s step-grandfather. John talks about missions he performed while in the Air-Force such has, rescue missions, dropping bombs and napalm, and many other tasks....

“I wanted not to live on a pedestal”

Fr. Ken McGuire describes himself as a theological liberal who peers say still gets along well with conservatives. Father Ken says a Ph.D. in anthropology shaped him to understand how people approach situations from different mindsets and it made him...

An interview with a Verteran!
November 25, 2017 App Interview

My grandpa talked about his childhood in the 1930’s and his experience as a veteran. He also explained his favorite decade era and how he met my grandma in Taiwan!