Interview of my dad, Seong Il Ahn

He answers questions about his work and career as an architect

10 Second Test

10 Second test from olathe south high school. Not very interesting

Annalise Avila and her father Rob Avila talk about his career in architecture

Annalise Avila and her dad, Rob Avila have a conversation about his career in architecture, including his education as well as his journey to becoming a business owner.

Miriam Hossaini and Virginia Anderson

[Recorded: Tuesday, November 1st, 2022] Miriam (22) and Virginia (68) record a virtual One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Miriam is a fourth-year architecture student at the University of Virginia and Virginia is the editor of the Daily Progress,...

Chris Klein & Alex Wu

Chris Klein, an Andover native and author, discusses his German and Irish roots. He recounts his life growing up amidst classism in the 1980s. Inspired by AP US History class, he discovered his passion for research-based writing, determined to preserve...


We talked a lot about my dad’s changing career path and how his life changed after his brain tumor.

An Architect in Milwaukee

In this interview I asked about his time at Peck Foods, his jobs as an Architect, and the importance of learning. As well as, how all of experiences in life are extremely important.

Design is a Process of Discovery

Andrey describes his journey from a childhood in Colombia to coming to the United States and pursuing architectural design as a student engaged in a process of discovery that will serve him building his capacity to make contributions that will...

Interview English class

This is an interview of an architect and how she thinks about her profession

Bill Van Parys and R Bromley

Bill Van Parys (61) interviews his friend R. "Scott" Bromley about (83) about his experience visiting and living on Fire Island, especially during the AIDS epidemic. Scott also shares his love for the Pines and the Pines community.

Do Not Avoid the Difficult Things

How does the child of immigrant parents become a greatly respected and successful businessman, with nothing but diligence and hard work? On November 28, 2017, Jade Mars interviews her father Michael Karlin in Beverly Hills California. He will talk about...

Interviewing Sofia Solianyk

Taylor Myers interviewing Sofia Solianyk as freshman at the University of Detroit Mercy. Two 18 year old new friends in the Architecture program asking about international lifestyles and differences of cultures.

Arquitectura gótica

La arquitectura gótica fue un ejemplo para la arquitectura de la actualidad Aunque hay algunas edificaciones antiguas muy valiosas para el patrimonio de las diferentes ciudades se Tiene como una gran etapa para la arquitectura

It’s Johnny

Hello, it’s me who you’re looking for.


How our Ancestors from Whales influenced our family

Interview with Dad

I asked about his previous jobs, childhood, teenage years, and traditions.

Interview with Sustainable Architect
January 12, 2022 App Interview

An interview between a high school student (Abby) and a self-employed architect (John) following his career path in sustainable design, solar energy, and net zero homes

Edward Uhlir, Lydia Uhlir, and Laura Uhlir

Edward Uhlir (72), who was the project design director for Millennium Park, is interviewed by his daughters, Laura (30) and Lydia (33) Uhlir, about his long career in civil service.

Cynthia Conlon and Robert Conlon

Spouses Cynthia Conlon (71) and Robert Conlon (69) share a conversation about when they first came to Seaside, Florida, what makes Seaside unique, and the community and atmosphere in Seaside.