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Storytelling Assigment

This is a interview of my mother, following the questions and guidelines of our assignment.

Listening Assessment

Hi My name is Schylar Chapman and I interviewed my girlfriend Whitney Caldwell. I am 21 and she is 20. The topics we discussed involve her favorite childhood memories and which she wants to hold onto.

An Interview With My Friend Regarding About My 1-minute Documentary Video.

PSY 230 Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing my grandma and getting to grasp a deeper meaning to the life lessons and stories she’s been sharing with me since I was a little girl

MUS 2273-001 / Dr. Renard – Assignment #3 – Christopher Rodriguez from The Woodlawn Theatre

This interview assignment is for Dr. Renard from UTSA. For my assignment, I have interviewed, Executive/Artistic Director, Christopher Rodriguez from The Woodlawn Theatre.

Life of Josh Chetram

Josh talks about his life, his goals, and many values he has learned on the way to becoming who he is today.

The change of Petaling Street

In this 10 years, This road is not more belong to Chinese only.

interview for class

Interview with my mom Tammy Johnson, we discussed a couple of questions from the list provided by this app. Around 15 minutes long.

America interviewing Matteo

For an assignment for ethnic studies course, students America Castillo interviews Matteo Wolfson, two seniors at AJR. The two students share memories, personal and basic ones in efforts to get to know and understand one another better.