Interview with Mr. Wilson

Talked about his band career and why he became a band director.

Rory Meyer and Mark Meyer

Rory Meyer: 2024-03-24 16:17:01- Rory (16) asks Mark (75) about life during the 1960s. She learns about life after WW2, the Vietnam draft, political shifts during the war, and what he did during his free time.

An Interview with Kate

I interview Kate about her band and how the media may affect it.


Mr finer talks about college and how it has impacted his life

Interview with Mr.Nichols

An interview with my band director, Mr.Nichols, telling me about his life and school life and how he became a band director.

Kerry MacLane and Laurel Sears

Laurel Sears (38) interviews her father, Kerry MacLane (64), about his childhood, his cross-country adventures, his life in Montana, and their family's organic farm. They also discuss Laurel's upbringing and look back on shared memories of one another.

Why I Love Band

Gavin Powell, (15) is interviewed by his brother, Bryce Powell, (17) on his favorite hobby, why he loves it, and why he started it.

“Start With the Basics; the Rest Will Follow.”

Frank DePoli remarks on his life and how it has been different than he expected, but excellent nonetheless. He begins with his childhood and how his parents and friends always supported and still do support him. He then elaborates on...

Past, Present, and Future of Albert Ortiz

I’m interviewing my Band Teacher Mr. Ortiz about his favorite memories and wondering what he’s gonna do for the future.

Ethan. Blue Chip Musician.

Ethan Schuerman, age 13, from Manteca, CA discusses his life in music. He loves it. the future is bright.

Bo’s Interview: An Inside Look

Thus interview dives into the rollercoaster that is Bo Spring’s life. It goes in depth with his journey through highschool and into college, highlighting certain events that would change his life forever. From joining the Army to having a baby,...

Classic Rock at Cattle Kate’s

15 year old Ava Koblik interviews her Dad, Paul Koblik about his experience playing and touring with his college band.

Jessica Strauss and Erin Dickey

Jessica, 25, tells Erin, 25, about kissing Nick Carter, a member of the BackStreet Boy's Band. Jessica is a huge fan, loves Nick Carter and this is one of the greatest moments in her life. Jessica also talked about her...

Wilson Borough High School Marching Band

Blayne Olsen talks about his 1950s Pennsylvania marching band experiences, including college years at University of Delaware and a year at Mulinburgh College under Sousa's chief trumpeter.

Learning of Xander’s experiences
August 12, 2022 App Interview

We are here learning about xanders life, and his experiences.