From Walk-On to Coach

Franklin Heinzmann sits down with James Krolikowski to talk about his collegiate baseball career


How my grandmother came to love baseball.

Zaidian Van Orden interviewing his grandmother, Linda Horning.

I interviewed my grandmother, Linda Horning, about my pap, my mom, and her childhood.

USF here we come

We discussed the day where I committed to play division one baseball. I wanted to listen to the reactions and how the car ride back home was after the most important phone call in my life so far.


Talking to my mom about her life before moving to Las Vegas and about some of her proudest moments being a mom.

James Palmer’s Grandfather 2017

This is an interview with my grandfather who was born in Dallas, Tx. His parents were born in Norway and met and married in Dallas. These are his memories of his childhood and stories about my mother.

Cades Interview

Life after college and significant others in life.

George’s interview

In this interview we talked about Tennis, which I also play.

Ovi’s interview

In this interview I talked about mostly says and other psycho logical things in baseball.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen- Gianna Dreher interviewing her grandfather Robert Dreher. “Family is everything.”

During this interview, for The Great Thanksgiving Listen, I interviewed my grandfather, Robert Dreher. The main topics of conversation were his childhood, his family, school, his life as a teenager, and his baseball career. I got to learn more about...

Interview with Carlos

I was able to learn a lot more about my dads baseball experience when he was little because I had a lot of miss information. It was also funny to hear what they had to do when they are new...


Today, I interviewed my father. He spoke about all the challenges in his early life and the things that he finds himself most grateful for now.

Homer into the river

Pops childhood legendary story of hitting a homer into the Clinton River