My Sit Down with my Grandma

I talked with my grandma and she told me about her life’s greatest and worst moments and gave good advice

Elise Kelley and her great aunt Harriett talking about her life.

In this interview, my great aunt and I had a discussion about her life growing up compared to the life she lives today.

Mary Cowell & Alexis Cowell

Growing up was a struggle that taught many lessons and gained knowledge. Having children was another mile stone that shaped her into the person she is today. Having an relationship with God that helped her through all of the hard...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, my father and I talked about questions that we wouldn’t normally talk about. I enjoyed having this talk with my father and getting to know him better.

One of many journey’s

An interview with my father’s journey from El Salvador to the United States and his encounters.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My Grandpa is a God loving man who loves and cares deeply for his family. He is my biggest inspiration for everything I do.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmother spoke to me about someone who has had a impact on her life, how her life turned out different than she imagined, and anything specific she wanted to say to me if this was our final conversation.

Interview with Uncle Benny

In this interview, I asked my uncle about his views on the world and some memories from his past.

A chat about growing up, love, and faith.

This interview took place on November 25, 2018. The interviewee was Vicky Hoffman, my grandma. We talked about her entire life. Starting with childhood, her parents and grandparents and went on to talk about my pap. She also gave some...

the life of my mother

I asked my mother a series of life questions and she answered with her morals and what she believes

Great Grandma

Great grandma Holden talking about her childhood and the family

Haley Planicka interviews Jack Malone on life, lessons, and growing up

In this interview, conducted on November 2015 in Villa Hills, KY, Haley Planicka (14) interviews her grandpa Jack Malone (76) about what it was like growing up, how he found his career path, and lessons he's learned on the way....

Loy’s story

Loyd had many interesting memories and moments in his life when he impacted peoples life’s eather with Christ or as a basketball coach he is very humble and has won many awards for is impact on others. He loves everything...

Dad/Son interview

A series of questions, about my dad, his life, memories with some ambitions