My grandma and I talk about married life

My step grandma and I talk about life with my late grandpa and her faith

The Reality of Religion

This interview is to examine the perspective of one woman and her religious experience.

Little Bit of Hope in a Time of Despair

I interviewed my step-mother, D’Audra Cole-Hunter, about her experiences in a social media community, as a small business owner, and a believer of God in a time of hate, hopelessness, and despair.

In the Life of Tammy Duzan

Tammy Duzan is a devout Christian and wants what’s best for her and her family. She has learned so much and has been faithful through everything. She wants to cherish all the good memories and has learned a lot from...

Me and my Mom

Me and my mom talk about her experiences in life and we touch on a big topic surrounding my grandmother

A special Thanksgiving conversation

During Thanksgiving dinner this year, I interviewed an elderly from my church. We talked about her current life, immigration experiences and happy memories.

Interview with grandma

grandma talks about some of her memories and fun times we’ve had together.

The Story of Marybel Hernandez

Stories and experiences from childhood to life in Brazil. In between these times, difficulties nobody wants to experience, but were gone through by someone beyond strong.

Grandma Interview

As I interview my grandma (memaw), she gets a little emotional talking about her opinion on the ways of life.

Interview with Father Ken

Father Ken is a Jesuit priest originally from New York, but came to the Northern Mariana Islands when he was in his early twenties. He is now almost 84.

My Interview with, “Grandma Marsha”

My grandmother and I sit down and have a conversation about her life. Details about the interview touch on topics such as her childhood, political views and observations about the changes she’s observed in modern day times. She opens up...

Victor’s Grandmother immigration story

My Grandma talks about her journey coming here to the United States from El Salvador. She talks about having to travel 3 times because of her children, the struggles of living in a country that speaks a whole other language,...


Mr.Short shares his knowledge about Christianity while explaining why he belongs to this religion.

American Dream Interview with Ms. Dedra Thomas

We talked about her views of the American dream. She believes that is very personal and different based on each person. We also spoke about her parents and her views on god and how it has helped her achieve the...


Mr.Short shares his knowledge about Christianity while explaining why he belongs to this religion.

Religion and God

We talked about religion and particularly Judaism, its beliefs and God. Moreover, we talked about how they relate to each other.