Across the Street and Down the Road

Devin and Alex talk about what makes them good friends.

Rediscovering My Best Friend

Calli and I have been best friends for a few years, but I never would have thought there was more to learn about her.

Remembering Lielle Kaplan

Ella J, Adler, and Ashley talk about BFF, Lielle.

Sergio interview

He explained me how was his life in Bolivia. Some other personal issues that defines the person that he is now.


Me Jamie borges interviewing my best friend Kinsley yager in California wowie wee woo

About u
September 25, 2018 App Interview

I asked Evelynn what she would do in the future

Interview with bestie

Me (17) is having a interview with Connor Partain (17) over simple things in life such as school or hobbies (ignore the fact I put 16 in my interview my brain decided to go BRRBRBRBRBRB). Two autistic fellows interview for...

"Don't Be Sorry. Be Better." A Conversation Between Best Friends Hayden Schiavone & Nour Badawi
December 11, 2022 App Interview

Hayden Schiavone (18M) and Nour Badawi (23M) talk about their early lives, how their relationship has developed, and how God of War has shaped them to be better people. We didn't have enough time to talk about everything we wanted...

Sydney’s Concussion Experience

Savannah White interviewed Sydney Nath on her experiences with concussions and how she is handling it.

Brittany Paterson

This was fun interview with Brittany Paterson. She’s a good gal.


Found out more about what memories were favorites in our relationship. Found out more about her life. Thanked her for being her.

2019 Dec. -Jaden walker – Rami Mehdi- the great thanksgiving listen 2019

I spent 20 minutes asking my friend rami questions and getting to know him better. I learned a few things that i didn’t know before but i do now.

New YearsEve 2017

Three friends in New Years Eve talking about Fathers and Life

My Bestfriend

I interview my best friend about her past and future thoughts.

Life reflection by Navdeep and Tanvir

In this interview, we discussed many topics about life. These topics associated with my older sister’s personal point of view on life.

Practice Podcast
April 22, 2021 App Interview

A low key chat with a friend from across the country in Texas

The Connection between Me and My Girlfriend

I interviewed my girlfriend, we have been dating for three years,and One month. Just a little questions that I had felt I needed to ask her about the relationship..