Jeff Ronchetti Sam Ronchetti interview

Interview with father about his life when he was younger. Talked about where he lived and how his life was when he was younger.

Interview with Gracie

Interview with my internet best friend, Gracie, for art of happiness assignment.

Storytelling Assignment – Kelsey Espina

I interview a long time friend who was not able to go to college due to family issues, as well as having an I.E.P

Best childhood friend

This is my oldest childhood friend and I just sitting down and being us.

Manasa’s Interview with Anushka

This was a chance for me to understand my friend Anushka’s perspectives and her thoughts on her and her life.

America, meet Anna Snead

We discussed the beginnings of our friendship, Anna’s opinions on me, her family, and her experience in the workforce.


He talks about his life as a student.

Funny memories

An interview with my friend from Egypt telling me more about his personal life.


2nd interview attempt with my friend, Asma! Not as awkward as the 1st (hopefully) :o)

Words with a Beautiful Friend

I speak with Savannah Kelley about the memories we've made and what has brought us to the points in our lives we've reached today.

The Amigos

Interviewing Gustavo Diaz about is life and great memory about his childrenhood.

Friend To Friend
December 12, 2021 App Interview

I and my dear friend Lyndsay talked about family, influences, and how we met via social media. This interview includes a lot of laughter and good energy.

Let Me Tell You Bout My Best Friend

I talk with one of my best friends about the impact of friendship

La Niñera Kael Chip

This is the story of someone who just like ma had to be a grown up without actually being of age.

Maggie & Jo Dee: Friends for 40 years

Jo Dee and Maggie, best friends for 40 years, talk about their relationship and why it insures.

My best friend

Me and my best friend Delaney talking about our friendship and time together