The Alex interview

He talks about the things he does that makes him look good and the reason he does them


Talking about Ava’s life and growing up. Playing basketball

Interview with my buddy

This Interview was conducted successfully, I truly enjoyed having this talk with my best friend

Life talk with best friend!

Just a talk about life with 2 best friends, getting ready to graduate college.

Trapped in a Bag of half Crazed Cats, the Lane Gentry Story.

Lane Gentry, answering questions, about Lane Gentry, or not about Lane Gentry.


I talked about my childhood, what I did that was really dumb and the people who impacted my life.

Interviewing my Best Friend

My best friend experience with the army, love and family

Oral History Interview — Lillie Smith

Oral History Interview for Mrs. Denison’s class.

Rianna Shaffer and Kalissa Yates talk about when their friendship started 5 years ago and where they are now.

Rianna and Kalissa discuss their 5 year relationship. They met in 2014, at Kentucky State University joining a sisterhood the two could have never really imagined being the best of friends as they are totally opposite of one another.

Interview w/ Nicole Jones

Over Thanksgiving break I had the opportunity to get to know my close friend, Nicole, a little bit more!

Get to know me

In this interview I got to learn a little bit more about my bestfriend as well as get a sense of how much she cherishes our friendship

Interview with Soobin

I interviewed my friend Soobin, where she talks about her concerns with her culture and education.

Best friend

I interview my best friend of three years. We discussed our friendship, boys, and the future.