The Great Listen Assignment (Ryan and Kristi)
November 29, 2020 App Interview

Me and my mother had a conversation about her life. I asked her about her memories and her favorite memories of me, and her past.

Growing up in Texas
December 1, 2020 App Interview

A grandfather tells his grandson about growing up in Texas.

Almost Six-Year-Old Perspectives

I interviewed my almost six-year-old son. I teach high school English and assigned “The Great Thanksgiving Listen” to my juniors so I also wanted to participate. Hearing from elders is amazing. So is hearing from almost-six-year olds.

Elsa Hamson

I interviewed my mom Kathleen Melia about her life growing up and who she was. It was very good because I love talking to her.

my childhood

In this short short recording I ask my Hispanic mom about how she perceived me when I was a new born and what she would want for my future kids.

Mother daughter interview

We talked about me and my sister being born. We also talked about my future and school

The life of a mom

We talked about how a life of a Filipino mom goes. She talks about the journey from Filipino tradition to Western Culture.

Interviewing my grandma

We talk about her life what’s it was liking growing up with racism and segregation an

Family oral history

I spoke to my paternal grandma about her early life, school, family, faith, and immigration.

Mama’s Stories

Childhood, Gymnastics, France, Lifeguard, Drivers license, MLK sit ins, RV, home buying.

Tristans Interview

My Grandfather growing up, pandemic questions and other different questions.

The interview

We talked about the ups and downs of my sisters past

Self Image and Living through a Pandemic

I interviewed my roommate Mallory Lloyd about her life growing up in Vermont, and her understanding of being adopted. We then touched upon her life now and growing up the things she was able to experience all the way up...

Storytelling with my pops

We discussed his life and the trials and tribulations in it, as well as my feelings for my father.