Grandma Tartell

interview of Grandma on what she is most proud of, people who impacted her life, and how she wants to be remembered.

Growing up with Kids

My mom talked about how she had three kids in her early twenties. She mentions her personal struggles and some advice for other parents.

So you’re Canadian, eh?

Growing up in the small town of Kamloops, B.C., Canada is described my mother through the lens of her childhood perspective. She details her experiences in school and home along with relationships she has had with the people growing up.

Great Grandma marge

I sat down and talked with my great Grandma about her life and experiences and learned some things I didn’t know about my family🙂

Mireya’s Life (Nixon Calderon-2)

The thing that was talked about the most was working when my mom was young and why it’s important.

Grandma Joise

This interview was about my Grandma’s life in Holland compared to her life in America as well as her struggles she’s dealt with in her life.

Interview with Mom

Me and my mother talked about everything from her childhood to now. She shared all the ups and downs of her life.

Grandpa Ron’s 10 questions

This is my Grandpa Ron,I wanted to do the interview with him because me and him are so alike.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Rosemarie refelcts about her life. She goes over her experiences of marriage, motherhood, and growth.

Interview with a relative

Today I had an interview view with my father. He spoke on his life growing up.

Interview over my moms work

My mom talks about what she does currently for work as well as what she did when she was younger. She also talks about stories from her work.

Church, childhood, mother and daughter bonding…

me and my mom dive into how her life changed when her grandparents passed away... and how her brother being in the military changed her life

History Project

I my grandma talked to me about her life as a child in school and at home. She also explained her experience as a mother and how she enjoyed it.

Give Thanks

My auntie and I talked about the best moments that ever happened to her life. She mentioned that she is thankful with everything that she have because God is with her.

Betty Hansel discusses her life and how she has journeyed to find meaning.

Grandmother Betty Hansel discusses her life growing up on a farm in rural Virginia before tragically losing her parents and beginning life on her own. She discusses the evolution of her faith in God and the role that Christianity has...