Attitude of Gratitude By Erion Dauti

We talked about how my brother thought about his life. And his memories

“Mis hijos son mis fuersas de vivir”

My grandma has had a hard life but she finds a way to break through it with the power of her kids and grandkids.

Mi intrevista con mi Pador Amador Reyes

I love my grandpa I asked him a few personal questions lol anyway we all did a very good job so yay that was are interview and thanks to my translator Gabriela and also also my aunt

Me and My Mom

Me and my mom talk about the basics of her parenting. We go back and relive some of our favorite memories.

Interview with Papa Carpenter

This is an interview with my grandfather. I was able to ask him questions about his past!

My Creator …

We talked about how my mother grew up and where she grew up .... and how was her childhood.

Times With Dad

The life of my dad from the beginning through sports in high school and college. After hardships and good time to now.


In this interview, conducted and presented on December 1st 2019, Chicago Illinois. Dana Arzate (17) interviews Mom, Maricruz Rodriguez (40) about her life and memories she has. She shares memories about her childhood and how she would’ve wanted a different...

A little bit about my uncle’s life

We talked about my uncles good and bad times in his life and some stuff that were kind of dumb

Vito Palmietto and Vito G Palmietto

Vito G Palmietto (30) interviews his father, Vito Palmietto (61), about his career in the food service industry. They discuss Vito's experiences acting as an Executive Chef and as a Food and Beverage Director, as well as what it was...

Mimi Celis interview with Grampy

My grandfather recounted his family history his childhood and adult years by telling story’s of different stages of his life

So you’re Canadian, eh?

Growing up in the small town of Kamloops, B.C., Canada is described my mother through the lens of her childhood perspective. She details her experiences in school and home along with relationships she has had with the people growing up.

The Unexpected

This is a story of a young mother with a son of age 2 years old speaking about her journey as a mother and her life in general.

Me and my mom

I interviewed my mother and asked her questions about her life, her life with my dad, and her life with me.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview I had the pleasure of learning about the childhood, education, career and marriage of my grandma. Not only was I able to learn information, but had some heart warming interaction with her.