Don’t let hardships ever bring you down

This interview gives viewers the chance to learn a little bit about Laura’s dad’s life which allowed a special bond to be further developed that is shared between this father and daughter. In this interview it is thoroughly discussed how...

Grandma Jane’s life

The interview was about my grandmas personal memories, how they have affected her and how she remembers them today.

Ryan and Mom

My mom and I talked about what she was like growing up and into the current time. We also talked about our relationship and memories of each other.

Attitude of Gratitude Alramahi

An brief description of what my moms feels about the world was talked about. It also talks about what she is happy and thankful for.


Talked about his childhood and what he is most proud about today

Life as a Teen Mother

I interviewed my mother about her life when she found out she was going to be a teen mom.

I’ve had a really wonderful life

Ellen Apple talks about her 84 years full of family, love and growing up in a small town in Ohio in the 40s.

Parent Honesty

Michael Swift Interviewing his Mother about life.

My Mom’s Story
December 16, 2017 App Interview

My mom and I talk about her childhood in the countryside and her journey to America. She shares some of her most difficult memories and her happiest memories.

Interview with Angelica Ruiz as she talks about her husband and kids

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Palmdale, California Angelica Ruiz talked about how she met my dad. Also about what it was like having me, how I’ve changed her and what she’d do differently.

Grandma’s Life and Memories

We talked about her life how she met my grandfather and special moments in her life and dreams for her children and grandchildren

Talking with my grandma

Well my grandma wants to be remembered by being giving and caring. Her greatest accomplishment was getting her own appartmet.

Childhood and Growing Up

Interview with Greg and Linda Marcus on my childhood years.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Conducted in Neenah, on November 2017, I interviewed my Grandpa, Dan Reese (69) about his childhood and military involvement. He talks about his lifestyle growing up and how he eventually listed in the military.

My mom

Among my mom about her whole life and some key moments

Mother’s story

This interview is private.

Freshman Success Assignment

We talked about his life and what obstacles he went through like losing his parents affected him. Also what advice or lessons he has learned and what he feels about me and what he wants me to become in the...

Interview With Denise

My grandmothers childhood and life she lived.

My Grandma’s Life in the Countryside of Vietnam

(In Vietnamese) My Grandmother talks about her childhood life in Long An, Vietnam: her favorite activities as a kid, where her parents were from, life during the war and what it felt like to come to America.