Daniel and I

questions for my boyfriend btw the day later he asked me to marry him for real.

Interview with Victoria Serradet

Victoria and I spoke about our friendship as well as she spoke about her struggles at home.

Henry’s interview

Asking my boyfriend about thanksgiving, why and who he’s thankful for.

lindsay’s interview

today i aske my boyfriend questions

Getting to know more

We talked about childhood memories and lessons learned, also relationship goals, likes and dislikes and improvements

The Great Listen

Ms. Green and I had a good conversation about life, parents, work and experiences. She shared multiple memories, including “ding dong ditching my neighbor and getting caught” for fun when little. She had a wonderful life, except for her driving...

Jena & amber

I interviewed Jena about her family and friend relations. In addition, I asked her to explain memories and aspects of her life.

Andy’s interview

My boyfriend Andy did a little interview with me.

Love & Relationships
November 25, 2019 App Interview

We talked about the relationship in love. She share his boyfriend in love

Hunter Hammett

Hunter talks about his life and what he has learned throughout and what he wants people to know about him.


Interview with boyfriend 2019

Carson & Taylor

Carson and I have been together for about a year and 8 months now. This is my first interview, and thought I’d have a fun conversation with my boyfriend.

Kyle and Matthew interview
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Kyle and Matthew are dating and Kyle is my coolest cousin, but Matthew should be a cousin because he is so close to my family.

Lamb_Madison Week 3 Interview

This is a conversation I had with my boyfriend of 2 years who stepped in as a father figure for my son.

Interview with Baliey Jackson

We talked about baliey’s home life and her relationship with her boyfriend. We also talked about our friendship together.

Rocky Wagner, the love of my life part 2

Today I interviewed my boyfriend about his life. He’s an extremely good and inspirational person to me and I believe he deserved a time to tell the world his story. Enjoy.