My Mother: Thanksgiving Edition

My mom went through a lot of hardships and was raised in a tougher environment, but she overcame it and proved to be strong and successful.

Interview of Cayo Mattos, sales director at Reliance Partners

Brazil born background Cayo Mattos tells about his personal experiences and strategies being in America as an international student and afterwards.

A Grandmother’s Journey: From Brazil to the States and “I do” to “See you soon, my love.”

An interview of a walk through time with a beloved mother, grandmother, and wife of fourty-seven memory filled years.

Papa talking about Pele

My grandfather telling the story of how he met Pele the Brazilian soccer player

Jarrod Hayes

My father, Jarrod Hayes (52), shares several experiences and trials of growing up in Brazil.

Hank Ebert and Maione Carrijo

Hank Ebert (64) interviews his wife Maione Carrijo (58) about her life in Brazil before she married him and moved to Idaho. Maione then interviews Hank about his unique upbringing as the child of diplomats, living in various countries from...

Ethnic Lit Autoethnography
December 10, 2022 App Interview

I’m Livia Graf and I’m being interviewed by Liv Scadina. We’re both seniors and go to school together. This podcast is about our Ethnic Literature final, where I wrote an essay about how a girl in my class thought I...

Julia’s Secrets

Julia revealed herself with answering several questions♡ You really should check this out!

Glenda Miller and Olivia West

Olivia West talks with fellow church member Glenda Miller about her life as a Missionary Nurse in Brazil, people who have inspired her, and how she came to know Christ.

Project interview

About Manny’s immigration experience

Rubens Dos Santos

Interview with tccd student in fort worth, texas.

Life is a Dance

A discussion about creativity with a professor at the University of Iowa.


A conversation about coming to the U.S

Dad Interview period 8

Interview with my dad who came to America from Brazil