Interview with my brother about life experiences.

Interview with my dad

Ben, a 16 year old, and his father, Steven, a 46 year old, have a conversation regarding his father’s childhood, his family, his teachers, and his hometown.

Having brothers

How it is for a girl living with four brothers. We talked about what they mean to her.

Me and brother

Talking to my brother about life

Nana raises, teaches, and sets examples for kids.

I talked to Nana about her childhood and her being raised with four brothers! She talked about setting examples for her brothers and the students she taught being a Sunday School teacher and a piano teacher. We talked about her...

Pets, laughs, and sad moments

We talked about family situations, life, and pets. In the picture you can see my mom, my brothers, my sister, my niece, and my two dogs Zeus and Roxy. I wish I had pictures of the other dogs and the...


This interview is private.

The insights of my brother.

Just getting to know my best brother a little more.

Perry Even

I talked to Perry about life and the people that have meant the most to them.

Cancer survivor story

Steven anton (right) and Claude Mitchell (left) discuss the effects of his Acute lymphocytic leukemia and how he is able to look past that and live life to his fullest

The great listen 2018, fernando garcia

We talked about how my brother was and how he is the man he is today

Catching up with my Older Brother

During the interview, I caught up with my older brother, Noah. Since he’s been off at college, I haven’t been able to communicate with him as often. I had an amazing time speaking with him.

A Lost Brother

My mom talked about her brother(s) passing away.

Erick’s Story

Throughout the interview with Erick, he talked about his favorite times in the past and also his not so favorite times. He also talked about his times in high school and his relationships with his family. Also how overtime many...

Elementary Memories

A short interview with my big brother about our years in elementary.

My fathers story

This is my dads life and what he was like as a child. Also what his life is like now and some memories of me.

Inside the mind of a seventh grader

Noah Johnson talks about what he likes about his school life and his favorite video games.

Little Brother

Me interviewing my little brother!