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CMS Today — Government Shutdown

On CMS Today, hear what Kyle Nielsen has to say about the United States Political System and the current struggle with the federal budget.

Todd Lands and Evan Wiig
October 13, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step Conversation partners Todd Lands (46) and Evan Wiig (37) discuss living in a bubble, societal ideals, and systematic issues in education and agriculture.

Economic crisis

During this interview me and Timothy Kornrumph talked about the Covid economic situation that caused inflation to hurt his family and what he brought to overcome that situation. Timothy gave great advice to many people that would listen to this...

Tracy Hall and Mary Balkema

Colleagues and One Small Step partners Tracy Hall (50) and Mary Balkema (55) talk about their careers in local politics, their perspectives on public service, and the life lessons they have taken away from their work.

Mom’s Avice

Moms know what is best for us to have a good life.