Austin Meinert and Jenny Liebig

Austin Meinert (16) talks to his teen librarian, Jenny Liebig (33), about his involvement at the library, experience with bullying as a gay Black teenager, and the importance of fostering mental health in teenagers.

Interviewing my grandma about when she was bullied.

My grandma talked about when she was bullied in middle school, she mentioned a lot of her feelings and how no one did anything to help her.

The Wise Words of Doctor Stuerman

This interview is between my grandfather and I. He talks about his childhood experiences and his work as a doctor. He gives multiple good life lessons and his take on the world. He also adds comedy to his meaningful stories...

The playground

How I met a bully who became my friend

Interviewing My Mother

My name is Adrian Tavarez, age 17. Today I was interviewing my mother who I hold so dear to me.I chose my mother cause I was really curious about her childhood and the emotions she had felt back then.I was...

Bully Bullseye

The bully was walking to the outhouse. I throw a snowball at him and just happened to hit him on the first try!

Small Fry

I interviewed my stepfather to talk about his childhood, and how his childhood connected to the story “Black Boy.”

“I want to promote positivity into the world.”

As a victim of bullying during middle school, there were days when Anthony Roberson didn’t want to go on. He believes that music helped save his life. Today, as a 21-year-old college student, Anthony wants to help youth who are...