Maddy Shearer interviews Beatrice Peterson about International Traveling and Living during the Cold War

Beatrice Peterson recalls her experiences traveling with the American military during the midst of the Cold War to locations like Vietnam, Cambodia, Germany, and Romania while being interviewed by her granddaughter, Maddy Shearer on May 14th, 2022. She details how...

Masaya Kraichit, Rebecca Satim Penh-Ma

Rebecca Satim Penh-Ma talks with her younger cousin, Masaya Sky Kraichit about her time growing up as a refugee, adapting and growing up in America from Thailand.

My mom’s childhood in Cambodia

My mom shares with me the joys of her childhood in Cambodia and some of the inequities she faced as a girl.

Mom’s courageous journey from Cambodia to America

My mom survived the Khmer Rouge and made a new life in America with my dad and four kids. She shares with me some lessons in life that keeps her strong and hopeful.

Sam Kes and Micah Hoang

Sam talks about his childhood unable to settle anywhere. He also talks about his family and their past.

Ryan Buxton LHP Georgetown MA

My mom talks about growing up in the 80s and the complications regarding education and immigration.

My mom’s life story interview
November 30, 2017 App Interview

This interview is about my mother's life in Cambodia where she grew up during Cambodian genocide. In addition to, her life before and after it started, and the life struggles she had dealt with even as a young child. She...

Cambodian Genocide Survivor

Kan Hoa Chung discusses his journey during the Cambodian genocide led by Pol Pot and their extremist regime. He discusses the challenges he and his family faced to survive and come out alive. This is his story and his memories...

Golobal Studies Project

This story is about a family immigrated to the United States Of America

David’s childhood

Mia speaks to her father, David and they discuss his childhood

Linda Love Mesler and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Linda Love Mesler, whose family has roots in rural Iowa for hundreds of years, talks about her global childhood, from New York to Cambodia. After becoming a technology lawyer, she settled in Andover and is...