Interviewing my dad

Asking questions about his goals, what he likes best about himself, what he wanted to be when he grew up, if he considers himself successful, and what’s something people wouldn’t know about him by looking at him.

A Step Towards a Clear Mind

My first official recording on here. Topic of passion. The recording got cut off at the end because I forgot to turn on airplane mode and I received a phone call. The last thing I wanted to to say is...

My Momma

We talked about my Mother’s life, from growing up in Linden, NJ in the 1950s and 60s to her career and motherhood.

Oral History Project

In this interview, we mostly talked about family and career.

332 Assignment

For this interview I interviewed someone close to me and we talked about his ups and downs of finding the career path he is passionate about.

Life Stories with Francine Purcell

Francine shared stories of growing up in Oceanside, going off to the University of Michigan, her long and satisfying career, meeting her husband, and of course her 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.

Valerie Yang Interviews Father Xiaoguang Yang About Life Before and After Immigration to America

This interview was conducted on April 27th, 2018 in Northville, Michigan. Valerie Yang interviewed her father, Xiaoguang Yang, about his life leading up to where he is now. The subject of immigration is heavily focused on, but the topics of...

Luke Stafford and his mom talk about her past.

In this interview, made in January of 2018 in Flemington, New Jersey, Luke Stafford interviews his mom Jennifer Stafford about her past and how it affected her in her life. She talks about her art career and that she went...

How was your experience in college?

What was talked about in this interview was my mom's experierience in college. We talked about her problems that prevented her to enter and some that made her pause her career.

Dad’s History

Family history and what life was like for my dad growing up.

Dr. Katrina Meehan

We interviewed our professor’s wife who is the Assistant Director of Academic Services at Berry College about her career and what inspires her as in her job and in life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Leonardo Kani and Mertie Kani

I started talking to my grandpa and I learned so much from him that I didn’t even know. But since he had to go do something, I ended up interviewing my grandma who also surprised me with the answers she...

Grandad interview

We talked about his child hood and what he did as a kid and as a teenager. We also talked about his school and where he went to school

Father and Son

My dad and I talk about everything he has gone through in his life, from childhood to present day

The Difference a Principal Can Make

For this interview, conducted in December 2017 in Columbia City, Indiana, Colin Temple (17) interviews Wesley Mullet (38) about his job. Colin is asking questions surrounding Mr. Mullet and his career as a school principal. Mr. Mullet will give his...

About Music and the Culture of the Industry in the Past

This is an interview with Lane Tietgen about his career and experiences he’s had playing music around the country. He tells story’s about touring with various bands and recording music in New York.

Thanksgiving Talk With Shane

Shane talks about his childhood and his journey to Los Angeles from humble beginnings.