Interview with Aunt Eva

I ask my Aunt Eva about her experience as a teenager immigrating from Taiwan to the US. She also talks about becoming a mother and finding a job in the US as well as her opinion on technology and fears...

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Mom

This interview is about my mom’s childhood and what it was like for her growing up, how she got into her career and a little bit about what I was like as a child.

Dad’s History

Family history and what life was like for my dad growing up.

Nico(son) interviewing Chris (dad)

Interviewing my dad on how his childhood was like and how he got to his career

Interview With Shalonda Dixon

My mom and I sit and talk about her childhood and our family

Interviewing Dad

Dad and I chatted about his life, upbringing and experiences. As all dads do, he also passed on some valuable life advice and wisdom with me.

Kayla Tamez interview Mrs. Maria McNair, Director of Lutheran Services Florida Duval County Early Head Start and Head Start Program.

This is an interview to honor Mrs. Maria McNair and her exceptional dedication to Jacksonville's early childhood education. Mrs. McNair shares her life experiences, thoughts, and views on how she has become who she is today.

Patrick McNameeKing and Morgan Zipf-Meister

Patrick McNameeKing (34) and Morgan Zipf-Meister (39), coworkers at StoryCorps, share a conversation about the outdoors, building community, and creativity. They touch on the pandemic’s effects on adventuring and collaboration.

David Weitnauer and John Weitnauer

David Weitnauer (60) interviews his father, John Weitnauer, Jr. (95), about his life. Mr. Weitnauer talks about growing up in Atlanta, his wife Peggy and raising their four children, and his career as an executive for retail, stores such as...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Marilena Tolea

During this interview with my mother, Marilena Tolea, we discussed several different topics. First, she described her childhood in Romania, school, and the impacts of communism. Then, she elaborated on her family, particularly the influences her siblings and her mother...

332 Assignment

For this interview I interviewed someone close to me and we talked about his ups and downs of finding the career path he is passionate about.

A Mother, a Business Owner, and a Life Long Learner

This interview is about the people who have the biggest influences in my mom’s life. Additionally, she shares with me why and how her career has changed over the years.

How was your experience in college?

What was talked about in this interview was my mom's experierience in college. We talked about her problems that prevented her to enter and some that made her pause her career.

Life Stories with Francine Purcell

Francine shared stories of growing up in Oceanside, going off to the University of Michigan, her long and satisfying career, meeting her husband, and of course her 2 sons and 2 grandchildren.

Thanksgiving Talk With Shane

Shane talks about his childhood and his journey to Los Angeles from humble beginnings.

Profile project

Interview of Heather Laramore and her career as a pharmacist

Interview With My Dad

I focused the interview around my dad’s childhood and his career because those were the two things most mysterious to me. My dad always worked with small classified matters so I never knew what was going on in his life....

Philosophical interview of a future dental hygienist.

For a school project we had to interview our peers with philosophical questions pertaining to their career choice.

Interview 1 with Dad

Dad talked about his career as a finance director, risking money in his partnerships, his upbringing and losing a brother.

Judith Nole and Rich Fisher

Judith Nole (62) interviews her colleague, Rich Fisher (59), about his 41-year career at Public Radio Tulsa and the station's upcoming 75th anniversary.