Virtue Ethics

Talking to my dad about this unit in theology

Jim Hill and Jackie Holmes

One Small Step conversation partners Jim Tate Hill (44) and Jackie Holmes (76) talk about their work in community development in Fresno from different approaches in the nonprofit sector and finance.

Two highschool students go to the foodbank to learn about how it works.

Two high school students went to the food bank to interview the volunteer services manager to learn more about how the food bank operates and how it helps people in need. In this interview, we asked how the food bank...


This interview is about my cousin’s appreciation towards our cultural holidays.

Doug Jones and Donald Gottesman

Doug (66) talks to Don (50) about the recent death of his spouse and partner John and how they decided to donate money to the California Community Foundation to enable underprivileged kids to attend theater performances.

A New Perspective

A humanitarian trip to India changes an individual’s outlook on people placed in her life.

Altrusa House Interview

We talked about time at Altrusa and why it is important to support Hospital hospitality houses like Altrusa

Roció and her grandma

Beautiful story of hands In action (her charity)

Seeking the Golden Rice Bowl: an Interview with Tony Yuenkai Liu

Tony Liu (79) talks with his daughter, Tana Liu-Beers (42), about leaving China on the eve of Mao's takeover.

A Chat With My Tita!

My Tita and I talk about her life growing up in Mexico City and reflect. We also discuss how she would like to be remembered.

In Interview with a College Professor Who Spends Most of his Summer Saving Turtles in Belize

This interview contains stories from my uncle’s time in Belize as a college professor. He introduces his charity and ways of funding a small community as well the memories he has made with family, friends, villagers, and students as a...

Darius Prather and Leah Prather

Spouses, Darius Prather (35) and Leah Prather (27), discuss the work they do as community activists in their home city, Columbus, GA, the changes Columbus is undergoing, and the better future that they hope to help create for their four...

Payam Ayazi and Odet Nazarian

Friends Payam Ayazi (36) and Odet Nazarian (52) discuss their mutual connection to the M.T.O. Shahmaghsoudi, School of Islamic Sufism and the role it has played in their lives.

A student at Lehman ALC, Lurinarda Gonzalez, talks with fellow student, Arnold Serieux about special moments in her life.

On 12/12/2017, at the Lehman College Adult Learning Center, two students, Lurinarda Gonzalez and Arnold Serieux, talk about how it was for Lurinarda, growing up in the Dominican Republic, with her wonderful grandparents. According to Lurinarda, her grandparents would rate...

Sharing volunteer experiences for Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center (AASCSC)

Two AASCSC Co-Presidents, Tim Cheng and Jeffrey Wu, share their personal stories as well as volunteer experiences for Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center (AASCSC).

A mother of many
December 3, 2022 App Interview

this is an interview with my amazing wonder, who has been such a role model to me. She does amazing acts of kindness through her work, and I hope you can learn a thing or two from her outlook and...