Hakfar – Hayarok English speakers: Dan and Yuval

This was very interesting although it didn’t take long I got to know a lot about my friend

David Vigorito and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: IM David Vigorito talks about growing up in Massachusetts, to his brief time in Las Vegas, to returning to his home state. Although he discovered his passion for chess at the later age of 16,...

Joel Curtis and Chapin Montague

Joel Curtis (72) and Chapin Montague (23) talk about Joel's life, focusing on his time in the military. He is a self-described risk-taker who served as a navigator during the Vietnam War and later became an operational weather forecaster.

José Fajardo and Hazel Diaz

José Fajardo (58) talks with colleague Hazel Diaz (36) about growing up in a military base in Puerto Rico, his father's military service, and a letter he wrote to President Carter. He also discusses how his parents' influenced him and...

Jack Heller talks with his father, Jon Heller, about his childhood, how he met Jack’s mother, and more!

I , Jack Heller, talk with my father Jonathan Heller about his life. We start with his childhood, and where he grew up.Then we move on to his early adult life, where he met my mother and was hired for...

Interview of Nolan Hendrickson by Isaiah Schlittenhart; November 13, 2023

Isaiah Schlittenhart discusses American chess history with Chess National Master and psychiatrist Nolan Hendrickson.