Brenda Rodriguez and Leanna Gruhn

Loyola University Chicago MSW student Leanna Gruhn discusses issues in immigration with Brenda Rodriguez, a Compañera from the Taller De José agency located in Chicago's Little Village neighborhood. In this clip, Brenda discusses what she wishes people would know about...

27 years in CPS

I interview my mother a Cps employee on her experience and the ever evolving school system

LaRob K. Rafael & Yelley Taylor "A Tender Connection"

Yelley Taylor talks with LaRob K. Rafael on the experience of being connected with one another and how that shows up in our lives in different ways. We discuss personal triumphs of connectivity and the difficulty of seeing that reverence...

Youth Vs Elder
December 1, 2021 App Interview

Nyah (16) talks about the younger days of life with her 40 year old mother, of four kids. What did she go through in the days she was growing up?