The World Through A 6 Year Old’s Perspective.

Priscilla interviews her Kindergarten student, Jacob, with questions about life and the world we live in.

Kirin’s Interview

Kirin, a 7 year-old interviews his Mom, in spur-of-the-moment fashion.

“It’s so easy to hide that you’re homeless.”

Here, we share the story of a boy who was just fifteen years old when he was permanently kicked out of the house by his dad. Here’s his story of what he did next.

My dad

Just some questions with my dad

The Great Thanksgiving Listen~ Mimi

My grandmother talks about meeting my grandfather, her life as a child, and meeting me for the first time.

Moms memories

She explained how she was a child.She told me some of her memories and what she did as a child.

My Mom

We talked mostly about my childhood and what her childhood was growing up

Oral history interview

Interview with my dad Gerald scott about his marriage with my mom and some questions of me as a child

Parent’s storys

We talked about my dad’s first car, and how having a child changed your life.

My Father’s Blast Into the Past

I interviewed my father about his past and his opinions about certain aspects of life.

Peer interview/Sophia

Sophia discusses the most impactful person in her life with me and much more.


I talked about how my mom’s life was when growing up and how was her life like when she met my dad and had me and my siblings