Interview with Dad

We talked about his past, what his life and family was like when he was a kid and a teenager

Mom n V interview

Veronica chose 5-6 questions about mom’s childhood

An interview with my grandmother

In their interview I will explore some of the stories of my grandmothers past.

Interactive Media

This interview discussed the topic of parenting and the different components of parenting.

I’m My Peace

My sister Tania, a domestic violence survivor talks about the hardships that she had to endure during her pregnancy and the 6 long years of her relationship to her sons dad.

Oral history interview

Interview with my dad Gerald scott about his marriage with my mom and some questions of me as a child

Jenny Margaris’s Interview

I asked my Thea Jenny a series of questions about her childhood. She had a unique situation growing up in a household where her Mom only spoke Greek and her Dad only spoke English. She basically lived her life in...

My dad

Just some questions with my dad

Annie Fels

A great interview. I learned a lot and enjoyed it.

Interviewing my Grandpa

Interviewing my grandfather, I ask him about his childhood, his relationship with my grandmother and my mom, and he ends with a word of advice to his great grandchildren.

Cherry on Top

The story of a mother's process in adopting her child and how it changed her life.

La Mexicana

In this sit down with my mother we talked about her early life in Mexico, her time in the United States, and how important love is to the world. Being a good person and sharing your purpose with the world...