Interview with Mom

Asked a few questions that I felt she could answer.

Interview with my Grandmother
November 30, 2018 App Interview

Interview with my grandmother about how she moved around during her childhood. We also talked about how she loves to travel and the amazing places she has been.

I interviewed my mom

I interviewed my mom. We talked about how she enjoyed school where she had nice teachers and less homework. We talked about what she usually do for the summer and she never went to summer camp She played double dutch,...

Thanksgiving 2018 with MawMaw Shirley

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with MawMaw Shirley. We discussed her childhood, her family, and her schooling.

Kaleah Logan & Jerome Spurlock

In this interview we simply overall touched on the different stages in his life, how he felt, what he could’ve done better & advice that he has taken and would share with others.

ENG 131 Interview

I conducted an interview with my roommate, Rory, about his life growing up

Family interview

We talked about her life in Mexico how the government was like and also her childhood she had back then

Interview With Ms.Rainey

In this interview we discussed the life of Ms.Rainey.

Oral History Interview

In our interview we discussed the childhood and upbringing of my friend Tyler Kersey.

Anne Taylor interview part one

Anne’s childhood and how she dealt with the constant change that came with being an navy brat.

Ella interviews her mom (Jenny) about growing up, then raising ella and her brothers.

This was recorded on November 26, 2018. This interview was recorded in Otis, Oregon. I (ella) recorded my mom and asked her questions about her childhood! We talked about how my brothers and I made a positive impact in her...

A Fun trip down memory lane!

Some fun information about Chri’s life and being able to know about another persons background story and where they come from

World History Oral History Project

Today, I interviewed my grandma, Betty Shelby. I asked her a few questions about her life and the lessons she learned.

Interview with my father

I interviewed my father, Rene Antonio Valencia, about my early childhood and his favorite memories of me.

Teen pregnancy in 2018..

Sit down talk with Catherine Lester (71) who tells me her thoughts on teen pregnancy. Catherine also tells me about her time in the shop.

Moms’ Life

this interview was on my mom about how she grew up and her childhood

Mother Son Interview

Me, Sam Meyer interviewed my mother, Lindsey Meyer. We talked about her life and how it revolves around me being happy. She cried and laughed, it lasted about 25 minutes.

An Interview With my Mom
November 30, 2018 App Interview

An interview with my mom about her childhood, career, family, and life experiences. 🙂

Cole Reagan interviews Elaine Pearcy about her past

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Spicewood, Texas, Cole Reagan (16) interviews his grandma Elaine Pearcy (70) about her childhood and what she would want to say to her great great grandchildren.