Interview with My Grandpa Lawrence Johnson

This interview speaks on Johnson’s life, through his childhood and military experience, and how the world has changed during his years of living.

Interview 2

Talking about the corona virus and her personal aspects of life.

Interview with Dad

We talked about childhood and his life in general

Grateful for love

Anna (23) discusses what has been most impactful in her life, including love from family and friends, wisdom of a kind teacher, and cherished memories

My life so far

This was an interview that practically went through my life from my childhood till today

Cailey Beck interviews Yushin Kim

Cailey Beck (16) interviews her friend Yushin Kim (17) on seeing ghosts as a child, fishing advice from grandpas, Covid19, and his experiences with numerous past pandemics.

Sister interview

Here is a intetview i did with my younger sister about her childhood and role models


My mom explains some of the most important events in her life and shares some hopes she has for me.

Sociology 110 Interview

Laura, my roommate reflected on her life and memories she had and talked about the concept of death.

“Soy Una Niña Problema” Part 2

In this interview, my mother, Maria Paredes, continues to tell stories about her hometown, her rebellious childhood, happiest memories, and biggest regrets as well as what it was like coming to the United States as an immigrant.

Learning How My Dad Grew Up

I interviewed my Father to learn about the differences between our lives growing up

Wanting to be Different

Me and my mother discuss how it was for her growing up in a small town where ambition and uniqueness was shunned, and how she has grown as a person.

Being a mom

Stacie Erdahl discusses what it's like parenting a child, and the easy and hard parts of it.

The different life

The life my father has had is very different than ours (my sisters and I) but no matter How hard it’s been or was he doesn’t regret anything.

Being a child during the 70’s

Talking to my mom about her career and childhood and what it was like growing up in the 60's and 70's

SOC 110 StoryCorps Assignment

This is an interview with Mackenzie Ludlam about her biggest influence and life growing up.

i interview my grandparents

my grandparents talked about mainly their lives as children during the 30’s and 40’s

Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

Chatting with my grandfather on Thanksgiving about life.

Importance of Family

In this interview, Carly Settle interviews her grandmother, Cindy Ayers aka “Nanny”, about her family and childhood memories on Thanksgiving. This interview includes stories about her childhood memories in Brigantine. This interview focuses on the importance of family and how...