Vance’s Memories
December 1, 2020 App Interview

Vance answered questions that were provided by his niece Carolyn about his early life.

My Roots

A mother tells her coming of youth and the hardships she has overcome to live the life she lives now.

Jim Conroy

I asked basic questions to get to know my father a little better.

English hw (thanksgiving)

We talked a lot about my fathers childhood and what he is proudest of.

Being a parent

How her life was changed after I came into this world, and if she remembered one of the many moments she went through with me as a child.

Talking with my aunt about her past and present life -Jose Perez

We talked about her childhood and how that shaped her life. We also talked about what she is the most proudest about and what she wants for the future generations in the family.

Childhood Memories

This interview had made me think about her past and it drawed me to what my grandma was saying. She talking clearly and I can picture what she was saying.

Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview, I am interviewing my dad on his life as a child and who were the most influential people in his life. Also, he answered some questions about good and bad times in his life.

My Mother’s Past

During this interview with my mother, we talked about her childhood and different experiences she faced that helped her grow.

Oral History Interview

I got to speak with my grandma, Doris, about her life. Learning about her best and worst memories, her lessons she’s learned in life, and how she got to be the woman she is today. This is a shorter version...

Story telling assignment

I wasn't able to get ahold of any family members so my partner helped me complete this assignment.

A daughter interviewing her lovely mom

This interview will be about my mom, her journey in her life, and also her story she shares in this interview.

Rida & Alizah Baig

We talked about my sisters life, I got to know a lot of stuff about her.

My Childhood

This summary discussed millennial childhoods; more specifically, this interview provided insight on many aspects of a particular childhood.


We talked about Corrigan’s experiences in life and how he’s grown/learned from them.