Riley and Irv – 10/15/23

Irv is a Chinese gentleman and he talks about his parents origins, what life was like growing up on an Indian reservation, and what role his faith in Jesus has meant in his life.

You Don’t Need To Be Smart

Nathan Ho (16) interviews his father, Wen Ho (45), in their living room in EHT, NJ. In this interview, Wen discuses his life growing up in Myanmar. Wen brushes up on his time at school, with his parents, and meeting...

Interview 11/25/2018

My mothers experience growing up and how her life changed when she moved to the US.

Jessica Ma and her father Martin Ma compare and contrast their childhoods and career aspirations

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2023 in Birmingham, Alabama, Jessica Ma (18) interviews her father Martin Ma about his life as a Chinese American. They discuss the significance of being open-minded and how vital it is to spend...