Ron Helming – 2021 GTL Rollet CHS

Josiah Huang interviews his neighbor, Mr. Ron Helming, about his life, his view of the world, and hopes for the future.

Interview with My Grandma and her journey into the U.S

In this interview with my grandma she talks about the diffrence between Ecuador and U.S. She talks about entering the country and meeting my grandfather

Karis Park Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018 CHS Rollet

Karis Park interviews Bob Serikaku on November 23, 2018 in Palatine, Illinois. He talks about his career, his children, and more.

My interview with my grandma Becky Garvin

We talked about growing up, education, and love.

My GTL Interview "let go and let God"

I'm Nuria Sabit (15) and interviewed my grandmother Maria Reyes(70) and in our interview, we discussed her childhood, her career, family life, and much more.

Israa interviews Ms.Dumont – Part 1 // CHS Rollet 2023
November 22, 2023 App Interview

Israa Tasleem interviews her Economics & Personal Finance teacher: Rhonda Dumont. Israa finds about Ms.Dumont's childhood, high school life, favorite stuff, and her opinions about certain topics!

Tim Thomas GTL Rollet 2018

Tim Thomas interviews his grandfather Kernel Kevin Keenan about his life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

The great thanksgiving listen was conducted on December 3, 2017 by Hajjer Amer who interviewed Amer Makki and Aida Alazzai who are her grandparents. Amer and Aida shared their story about their childhood and where they grew up. They also...

Transition to Military Life to Civilian Life

Today I interviewed my grandfather who is a former military server. We talk about his motivation of why he wanted to participate in military and his personal life.

Sheershika Mittapally’s GTL

This interview consisted of a series of discussions related to Mr. King’s life experiences and his opinions on many topics.

Nhi Truong GTL 2018 Rollet

I interviewed Tom Perrault, an amazing person who lives at Sunrise Senior Living Center.

Kennedy Williams and her grandma Willie Mae Hines talk about growing up in Champaign, Illinois.

Kennedy Williams interviewed her grandma (Willie Mae Hines) about her childhood in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Illinois. Willie Mae talks about her family and children and leaving a message to the future generations.

Melani Leon GTL 2018 Rollet

This is Sibyl. A such wonderful, sweet, and beautiful woman. There are a lot of background noises.

My grandma’s experience in to countrys

This interview is about the hardships in different countries . Trying , to survive life to help their family.