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Life Experiences With My Grandfather

I talk with my grandpa about various life experiences and whatnot.

Israa interviews Ms.Dumont – Part 2 // CHS Rollet 2023
November 22, 2023 App Interview

Israa Tasleem interviews her Economics & Personal Finance teacher: Rhonda Dumont. Israa finds about Ms.Dumont's childhood, high school life, favorite stuff, and her opinions about certain topics!

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017

I️ talk to my grandma about her childhood, her different jobs, and thanksgiving traditions

My Grandpa and Me

This is an interview I had with my grandfather on Thanksgiving. Thank you for being so patient with me Poppy. I love you.

Michael Estrella and joy estrella

We talked about joys childhood and some important life lessons

Recording – 11-22-2023 12:52:29

Interview with Jim Fulfaro, November 22, 2023. Interview done by Elizabeth Fitzpatrick.

GTL 2017 with my grandfather CHS Rollet PT 1

This interview was conducted with me and my grandfather on December 3rd. However, the interview was abruptly ended and there will be a part 2 to this interview

Nani & I

In this interview I asked my Nani about her childhood and life as a parent.

Sam Marstall and Vicki Meek

I interview my grandma Vicki Meek and find out more about her past

Interview with Grandpa

Talking to Grandpa about his life in the army all the way up to now.

CHS Rollet GTL 2917, Laura DeSena and Mary Slevin

Laura DeSena interviewing Mary Slevin about her childhood memories, and favorite stories.

GTL With Joyce sours

In this interview I talked with my grandma about her life growing up and memories.We also talked about adventures she had and advice she gives for our generation.Also around 9 minuets there is a pause/stop bcs the skype had turned...

“I miss my friends the most”

I talked to my grandfather about his past life in Pakistan and his new experiences moving here.

Interview with William Hughes II

I interviewed my grandfather, William Hughes II, and got great insight on his life and how the school system functioned in his youth. I also learned how he came to be what he is today.

Ron Helming – 2021 GTL Rollet CHS

Josiah Huang interviews his neighbor, Mr. Ron Helming, about his life, his view of the world, and hopes for the future.