Scottie, Rostell, & Queen Tylerite Interview

This interview covers the impact of my grandparents have had on Tyler, Texas.

Kettering Foundation: Dr. David Mathews and Dr. Joffre Whisenton interviewed by Dr. Kristi N. Garrett on Nov. 8, 2017

Dr. Kristi N. Garrett talks with Dr. David Mathews and Dr. Joffre Whisenton about their days at the University of Alabama during the height of the Civil Rights Movement. The interview was recorded at the Kettering Foundation in Dayton, Ohio...


From Colorado but originating from a relatively conservative town in otherwise liberal Massachusetts, Stephen Weddig is interviewed by his child, Angela Weddig, speaking of his experiences with politics and historical events all the way from his childhood to his adulthood....

Living History Project- 1960s

My interview with my grandmother talking about the 1960s and her life during major events that happened.

Rita Wychocki and the Civil Rights Movement: Stories from South Chicago

My grandmother, father, and I talk about their experiences in South Chicago in terms of racism and black lives.

Civil rights movements

This interview is with my grandfather. The main topic is about the civil rights movement and his life during that time. He talks about many different points in his life. Also his thoughts on segregation. He expresses hiw the schools...

Rebecca Bryson – Life in Southern Georgia

Talked about her life in Valdosta, Georgia. Her parents, racial tension, Cold War, Vietnam War, gender roles, etc.

Civil Rights Interview

In this interview I was asking my mom about civil right symbols.

English Interview

The interview took place in Nashville, TN, on November, 19, 2018. My grandmother, Patricia Sagen (Grammy) lived in Lubbock, Texas until 1969. Until her junior year of high school, her schools had been segregated. One black boy did however go...

The American Struggle for Civil Rights: Then and Now

I interviewed my dad (76) about his experience during the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

Interview with Rosa Parks.

I asked Rosa Parks questions about what she did and why she did it. I also asked about the effect she had on the US.

"I am satisfied by simply being able to help out in whatever way I can." an interview with Claire Parkinson

Dr. Claire Parkinson, senior scientist at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center since 1978, discusses using satellite data to monitor sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic and serving as project scientist for the NASA satellite Aqua, which makes measurements of...


My grandma talks about her experience in chapel hill and in getting her job as the President of the American Correctional Association.

The Great Listen with my grandmother, Cece in Alexander City, Alabama

My grandmother, Carolyn Edge (80), and I, Katherine Morrison (16), talk about her childhood, lessons she has learned, and historical periods she has lived through. She talks about her experience with her father being in the war for 4 years...

Thanksgiving Interview with Barbara Jannuzi

I interviewed my grandmother about her life. We talked about positive and negative aspects of her life, her relationships with mentors and family, and her parent's lives.