Leonard Interview: Father Son Bonding

We talked about my dad’s past, his personality, and our family’s history!

Life During Covid-19 with Army Veteran

Army Veteran, Sarah Crismon, discusses social issues that have been amplified during COVID-19. She talks economics, politics, and the hyper-polarization of our nation.

Sonia Vela Coming to America

Sonia Vela’s story of her immigration to America from El Salvador.

Civil War Discussion

A discussion on the Civil War and speculation about the events around it.

Civil War Discussion

This was a discussion about varying topics involving the Civil War as the main discussion.

From war to success

How my dad became successful coming from Lebanon during the 1970s civil war

Civil War Podcast

This is a podcast about the events that occurred before the Civil War and how these events impacted the War.

What does it mean to be American?

Well my father was born in England and last week he passed his citizenship exam! So I wanted to ask what it meant for him to become and American.

Kendra Morgan and Clark Morgan

Kendra Morgan (38) shares a conversation with her father, Clark Morgan (64), about their family’s history and Civil War history. Clark also talks about his involvement in living history, in Civil War reenactments, and about his gratitude for the support...

U.S History Podcast Interview

My questions were about how various people both inside and outside of the government accelerated the abolitionist movement. We mainly discussed the personal emotions behind the intent of these various figures.

Things from my Uncle’s Life

We talked about my uncle's childhood. Also, we talked about his military service in his country. About him coming to the United States and How was his journey coming here. Finally, we talked about his life in the United StStates,...

Back in Portugal

We talked about what it was like for my mom to move to America and leave her family behind.

Growing up in the Dominican Republic

My grandmother, Ana Trina Hernandez, and I talk about her adolescence and growing up poor and under the rule of the dictator Trujillo. On top of that, we talk about how she met her husband and her raising her nine...

Interview of my dad’s experiences as an immigrant and as a Guatemalan.

This interview focuses on my father's experiences as an illegal immigrant in the United States, and how his family was affected by the Civil War in Guatemala.

Civil War Podcast

important factors that led to the Civil War

A Mother’s Reflections

An immigrant mother reflects on her life. Commenting on war, immigration, love and loss.