William Cherry and Aaron Pillen

One Small Step partners William Cherry (35) and Aaron Pillen (29) discuss the most influential people in their lives, their views, and their attempts to find the political middle.

Civil War Podcast

important factors that led to the Civil War

Things from my Uncle’s Life

We talked about my uncle's childhood. Also, we talked about his military service in his country. About him coming to the United States and How was his journey coming here. Finally, we talked about his life in the United StStates,...

Growing up in the Dominican Republic

My grandmother, Ana Trina Hernandez, and I talk about her adolescence and growing up poor and under the rule of the dictator Trujillo. On top of that, we talk about how she met her husband and her raising her nine...

Andrew Nemr and Adam Koplan

Adam Koplan (48) talks to his friend Andrew Nemr (41) about Andrew's life and career as a tap dancer.

Back in Portugal

We talked about what it was like for my mom to move to America and leave her family behind.

Life during the Spanish civil war

The experiences of my grandmother during the Spanish civil war and the aftermath.(In Spanish)

A Mother’s Reflections

An immigrant mother reflects on her life. Commenting on war, immigration, love and loss.

Joanne Ferris and Glenn Holt
December 20, 2023 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Glenn Holt (67) and Joanne Ferris (62) share their backgrounds, world views and political values with each-other.

Interview of my dad’s experiences as an immigrant and as a Guatemalan.

This interview focuses on my father's experiences as an illegal immigrant in the United States, and how his family was affected by the Civil War in Guatemala.

Melissa MacKenzie and Esayas Asfeha

Melissa Mackenzie (68) prompts her dear friend Esayas Asfeha (41) to recount his migration story from multiple refugee camps to his arrival in Missoula, Montana, a 16 year process.

History Podcast

We accidentally hit play while discussing after our 5th and final point so skip to 8:17 for our ending

US History Podcast

I talked about the events leading to the Civil War with my dad.

Elaina Behounek and Arlene Baker

One Small Step conversation partners Elaina Behounek (41) speaks to Arlene Baker (68) about the history of politics and sex education.

U.S. History Podcast Semester 2

A podcast with my mother and father over the event leading up to the Civil War

Lead up to the civil war

These are interview questions about the lead up to the civil war that I decided to ask my step dad

Lead up to the civil war

These are interview questions about the lead up to the civil war that I decided to ask my step dad

Civil War Discussion

We talked about previous presidents, ideologies, and bills that helped feed the flames of the civil war.

US History, Civil War Podcast

There were a lot of events that lead up to the civil war. We’re going to pick apart a couple of them and break down what we thought each event contributed.

Civil war discussion

A discussion about the buildup to the civil war