Stories From an Immigrant

I interviewed my father, an immigrant originally from Nanjing, China. He talks about his childhood, struggles and pressure in high school, college experiences in China and America, and what motivated him to immigrate to America.

Jaegyu & Sungbaik Choi (verbal consent added)
December 10, 2018 App Interview

My dad shares his life story as a dentist, and his progression in academic advancement.

Ms. Oarr and I discuss various topics from school work to sports and other forms adversity faced in college from a Christian perspective.

Ms. Oarr and I discuss keeping faith with Christ, making dependable friendships, and balancing athletics and studies while in college. Though it is difficult sometimes to feel accepted in a new environment, especially within the fluctuating atmosphere of college life,...

Jaegyu & Sungbaik Choi
November 27, 2018 App Interview

My dad shares his life story as a dentist, and his progression in academic advancement.

A Chat with Dad on Education and Female Empowerment in Rural India

My dad narrates his childhood and how his influential his widowed mother (my grandmother) was on his life ideals and values. We then discuss his experiences of transitioning from a rural village to a major city to an entirely different...

Eleanor interviews her longtime friend and first roommate at SFSU Michelle.

I talked to Michelle about growing up in Ventura California, her childhood, and her family. we also discussed her life at college and what it’s like being first generation.

A Teachers help into college

My teacher helped me with a bump in the road trying to get into college. My teacher helped me accomplish one step for my future.

Improved academic performance

I talk about my growth when it comes to education and responsibility.

Auntie's Technology Evolution

“How has communication and media technology evolved in your lifetime?” Interviewing my aunt about how technology and communication has evolved over the course of her life for my Mass communications 101 course.

Top Colleges Around the World

There is no shortage of guides available that claim to rank the top colleges around the world. While this is a helpful service for students who are trying to narrow down their top college picks, it is important to know...