The life of Logan Pettit

This talk is about my friend Logan Pettit and how he got to where he is in high school and in college

Past, Present, and Future with my Mom

I talk with my mom about her immigration to US, her life as an immigrant, and how she has changed along with the world. She also tells me about her passions, her goals, and her hopes for the future.

5 siblings, a river and 2 Aidans

Freshman year of college we sat down and talked about growing up, and the people and experiences that have made us who we are.

Interview with my mother

Here we talk about my moms journey through her life! And what she thinks about the pandemic…

Shippensburg University Student Life and the 1994 Blizzard

Diana Borkenhagen (49) talks with her daughter Hannah Borkenhagen (21) about her experience at Shippensburg University in the 1990s, and how it compares to Hannah's experience at SU in the 2020s.

Interview w/ the One & Only Oscar Gutierrez

In this interview, I was able to talk about life with one of my favorite teachers. I learned some new things about him, his family, and his road to becoming a teacher!

Interview with my Big brother about college

My brother is a University of Arkansas Alumni and I ask him questions about College and Advice

Maddie Melito: life outside the states

I interviewed my cousin who attends the American University of Paris. She explains her daily life, new friends and overall experience attending college outside the states.

Briana Villagomez and her sister Odalis Villagomez talk about her experience living through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

In this interview, conducted in November 2021 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Briana Villagomez (16) interviews her sister Odalis Villagomez (19) about how the COVID-19 pandemic affected her life. She talks about the challenges of dealing with the pandemic and where...

Interview with Ali

A conversation between two sisters about college

Interview with Spencer Czerwinski

In this interview, I discuss the loss of a close friend and offer my advice for how to live in the wake of loss

Interview with mom

An interview with my mother compare the differences in my 19 year old life today to her 19 year old life years ago

Evan Prusisz and Destiny U Eze Practice Interview Sociology Delaware Tech

Evan Prusisz: 2020-10-31 17:15:20 A practice interview for our sociology class. It went well, looking forward to making a real interview soon.

The truth behind entering college.

Two college kids and a scared future freshman talk about the worries of freshman year.

Tremayne Fraizer Interviewing his friend Maurice King

I just asked my friend a couple questions and some even made him think but overall this was a good and short interview

Cassidy Funk Interviews Jeff Funk About Life Experiences and Lessons

I interviewed my father, Jeff Funk, about people who have impacted him the most, lessons he's learned throughout his life, personal accomplishments, and more.