The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this interview we focused on my dads childhood and what influenced him to be who he is today.

Interview with Xenith Grae

An interview with Xenith Grae, my new neighbor.

Interview with mom senior year of high school

I spoke with my mom on different things about her background

Katty Guzman: Su vida después de inmigrar

En esta entrevista, mi mamá y yo hablamos sobre su experiencia como inmigrante y las dificultades que tuvo que superar aquí en Nueva York.

The Significance of “Catherine’s Law”

Here’s the story of a current law in the making for future college students and their families.

Starting Off Right

Brady Ashton shares about his childhood influences and career goals, and how those experiences coupled with life's twists and turns helped prepare him to be a driven, present Social Studies teacher.

Memories of the Berea College Candy Kitchen and Bakery

My parents talk about their memories of working at and enjoying the products of the Berea College Bakery and Candy Kitchen

Interview with my step mother

I sit down and ask my step mother questions about childhood. Then i move on to some work related and politically minded questions.

Dakota’s Senior Year
September 30, 2018 App Interview

Talking about her senior year and what she was involved in over the period of time

Interview with Ranell( my dads nickname)

Me and my dad spoke about how covid has affected our lives. For the most part we spoke about memories. We ranged from childhood memories to fond memories of my sister and I. We talked a bit on regrets and...

Discussing College, Life, and Learning About Oneself

My mother and I discussed her experience with life and college and how it relates to me, and I explained my own experience thus far.

Melissa Del-Colle and Lori Motola

Melissa talked about discovering who she *really is later in life, shifting her priorities to exclude the expectations of others, the correlation between value and joy and the role higher education plays in our ability or inability to figure out...

Friend from Across the Hall

In this interview, I ask my friend and former roommate, Janae, about her experience meeting me at Coastal Carolina.

Imani and Megan

Imani (20) and Megan (18) discussed who their heroes are and why its important to go to college for them

Aaron Ramunno

Talking to an out of state college kid


We talked about his accomplishments and regrets, his path to becoming successful, how he wants to be remembered, his views on religion and politics, and what he likes about life.

My grandmas story of growing up and present day Pt 2

In this interview, in interview my Grandma on my dads side, Linda Geppert, in Kansas City MO. In this interview we talk alot about how my grandma grew up. We also talked alot about how she views modern society differently...