Reflecting On a New Life in College

Annie and I talk about how life has changed since getting to college and how we’ve dealt with those challenges.

Hum 195 interview: Brandon Bird and Paris Jones

A small conversation with Paris Jones about why she a believes attending college is important

YCE Michael Green
September 15, 2019 App Interview

I talked with Michael about his experience so far in the YCE Kennesaw program. I asked about how he’s handling it, favorite moments, and anything else pertaining to the experience.

The Time My Dad Immigrated to the U.S.
September 13, 2019 App Interview

I, Summar, interviewed my father, Gus/Ghassan, about his experience as an immigrant coming from Jordan to the United States for college.

Summer Podcast

Learning more in-depth about my Mimi, Frances Townsend, and her journey through life. My Mimi’s connection to art plays a major role in both her life and mine spurring forth my desire to discover the motivations behind her art in...

Service Learning Project

Talked about college, lessons learned & advice.

Mama Childhood & Growing Up

We talk about school and work and the people in those times, and some about summer camp

A Talk with Alejandro Garcia

This interview features Alejandro Garcia, a newly graduated student teacher, who discusses his childhood and its influence on his life today.

Gabriel Armado

This is my interview with my older sister who immigrated in the U.S after college

My Strengths

This recording was about how I used my self-awareness and sense of purpose to figure out what major would be best for me.

Conversations with a Friend

In this interview, I sat down with Abier Khodor who is a 21 year old biology student at San Francisco State University who moved to the United States at the age of 15 from Syria. I met Abier 2 years...

My mother and I talking about her childhood.

In this interview, conducted on May 14,3019 in Tallahassee, Fl. I (18) interview my mother (41) about her childhood. She shares her story of how she grew up and how school was and the many teachers who impacted her life.

Life in the US, LA vs NYC, and Tech

We talk about his immigration experience, college in the US, and the future of technology

Life of my Diabetic Roommate

My roommate, Max London talks about his life, diabetes, and his time with his service dog.

A Visit to Grandmas House
November 24, 2017 App Interview

Me and my grandmother talk about life growing up in the northeast,how colleges have changed and even the mafia.

“Everything is going to be okay”

A reflection on how life has changed and turned out perfectly okay even when not looking into the future.

First Day of School

I’m speaking to my partner Europe about his first experience with school and the classes along with his thoughts.

Ehmcke’s Biz Edd 111 interview

We talked about influences in life, the college experience, and personal faith.