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Dr. Roland Summit & Chaplain Kevin Deegan

Chaplain Kevin Deegan was on service when Dr. Summits wife Jo was on hospice. He shares with Dr. Summit a private conversation he had with Jo. She was an artist and described her pain in colors and how most of...

P Jamieson and Alan Jamieson

P Jamieson (55) interviews her brother, Alan Jamieson (56), about a painting he created that she owns.

Mini Mommy

My mommy‘s favorite stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interview With Kylie Kebbekus About Synesthesia

Kylie Kebbekus talks about how Synesthesia affects how she sees, hears, and remembers things.

Favorite childhood foods and colors

Lea, Ava, and Danielle talk about their favorite foods from childhood and their favorite colors in childhood and now.