Interview Winter Final

I asked my mom about what events that she has lived through. I asked my mom what life was after these events.

Anayis’ Milwaukee

A high school junior’s Milwaukee experience

Community Interview – English

This interview was on community and how I️t shaped my interviewee’s life.

Community interview

We talked about the community and his life.

Anthony Knighton’s interview

We talked about my grandmother’s life chronologically and who she was in contact with and how it has influenced who she has become.

Archive Oologah- Christi Harper

Madison Watson and Jamie Marrara from Archive Oologah interviewed Christi Harper, a science teacher at Oologah High School. She discusses her time as a student at Oologah and how that compares to her experience as a teacher here.

Archive Oologah- Kevin Hogue

Madison Watson and Jamie Marrara from Archive Oologah interviews Kevin Hogue, the principle of Oologah High School.He discusses the differences between Oologah and other communities, and what he sees as the most important values of our town.

Archive Oologah- Chance Deitz

Archive Oologah interviews Chance Dietz, the OHS 2018 Senior Class President. He discusses his role in the school and his thoughts about the town.

Oral History Project

We talked about historical events that have occurred during my Interviewee’s lifetime.

My Father's Reflections on Life, Society, and My Family

We discussed our history, his history, and his perceptions of the world as a whole and how it has changed during his lifetime. We also looked to the future’s impending problems and their potential solutions.

Interview with my grandmother

I ask my grandmother what it was like for her as a child and our family.

Blog 5-part 1

This is the first question of the whole interview