Ernestine Krehbiel and Rose [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Ernestine Krehbiel (83) and Rose [No Name Given] (45) share a conversation about their children, abortion, faith, and their personal political values.

Cailin Lorek interviewing Marissa Burns

In this interview I asked my roommate a couple of questions about the topic of death and mortality in her family. Additionally, we talked about what she would like to be known for in her life and how she found...

Seeping through my mommas past to know her future

In this very deep discussion with my mother, we talked about what family really means to us. We both really haven’t been vulnerable with each other in a while, and this opened us up to things we both didn’t really...

Barbara Rayburn tells about family and religion while driving a car.

While on the way to visit her husband in the hospital on Thanksgiving, Barbara Rayburn agreed to talk about religion and family in East Tennessee. Barbara's husband passed later the next year, and she followed in the summer of 2018.

Leslie Stanley-Stevens: Heroism and Love, Part II

Christopher, Leslie's husband, talks about what happened after Leslie died and crossed over. Part II to Leslie's story of heroism and love.

Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview Yara, a 15 year old, and her grandfather, Dave, who is 80, talk about the continuity and changes from growing up in the 40s to modern day. It explores subjects from wars, innovations, education, and politics.


Steve Hettleman was in third grade when his best friend, Mitchell, died of heart problems. He recounts the story to his daughter, Audrey, almost 45 years later.

Karen Fleming and Judy Schweitzer

Karen Fleming (68) and Judy Schweitzer (68) come together at the Meadows Park Community Center to talk about the people in their lives that have influenced them the most. They reflect on their loved ones both alive and passed, the...

Nicole Park and her cousin Grace Cho talk about growing up and the hardships of life in Roslyn, New York.

This interview was conducted in Roslyn, NY on 11/26/2017. Nicole Park (16) interviews her cousin Grace Cho (24). They talk about Grace Cho’s childhood and how she grew up. Grace Cho shares her experience with her mother’s death and how...

Interview with Terence Hughes

Interviewing my dad and asking him questions about his work and his life.

My Hero
September 18, 2018 App Interview

The life of a South Side of Chicago born and raised woman was not easy. Living a little less than ideal childhood and dealing with the death of a sibling and divorce, Diane has proven to be a strong woman...

Second dad❤️

this is Alfredo meza, my uncle and he’s 60 years old, we talked about death and love and what he holds most in his heart

StoryCorp Soc110

Ava discusses her norms and her preferences that are different from the average person do to her parents being divorce. Ava also talks about how she views death and how hers differs from the average American.

Kevin and Alexa reflect on palliative care fellowship

Kevin and Alexa are both physicians completing a subspecialty fellowship in palliative medicine. In this interview, they reflect on their experiences as medical residents and fellows.

January 31, 2020 App Interview

Interview with Andrew

Experiences with death, dying and loss

Today we talked about my experiences with death and how I’ve coped with the loses in my life.

Just picking your mind- questions you don’t even ask yourself

I pick through Luke’s childhood experiences and views to get a better idea of who he is...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmas childhood and how she lived and some important moments in her life.

Ron Marek and Abby Marek

My dad was never really fantastic at school but his influence have helped him become who he is today.

How a Dad Influences His Son

Jorge Esparza, 19, talks about the biggest influence in his life, his dad. He talks about his struggles, his challenges, and how he became his biggest hero.

Story corps interview. Jack Schoendienst

We talked a lot about the theme of death and we talked a lot about how Meg’s life was shaped by the people around her and the culture she was in.

Death dying and loss

What I have learned in this class and the coping I have had losing my mother to suicide.