Carries interview

This is an interview with my aunt Carrie. She tells about her life and what she values most

Remembering Enda through my lenses

This interview is to explain how i rennet my grandmother Edna.

Soc 110

I am interviewing my roommate, Karen about her life and religious views.

Death in Our Family

I sat down with my mother to discuss how the topic of death was handled in our family.

Interview with Mackenzie Trocke about the death of a loved one.

This interview is about the loss of Mackenzie grandma Marsha.

Kayla Haire-Wright

Kayla is talking about her fears of dying. She also expresses the love she had for her kindergarten teacher.

My Favorite Person Who Shares The Same Wall As Me: An Interview

We discussed the progression of life, the good and bad, and what is important to Justin.

A look into the life of Grandpa Harry

Growing up, meeting Nancy, Nancy’s death and favorite memories, and life lessons from Grandpa Harry.

Living Before Modern Technology

People grow up in the modern world with all sorts of new and fancy technology, but how was it like for someone like my father Kevin Morgan who was in his teenager in the 70s and grew up before this...

“Father’s Death Shaped My Friend to the Person She Is Now”

Two close friends, since childhood, catch up on Thanksgiving break and discuss the great memories they had with each other. A junior from Egg Harbor Township High School, Katrina Cabinian, interviews her close friend, Maxene Modesto. The interview was conducted...

My mom

Asked about my mom’s relationship with her mom who had passed when she was just a sophomore in college. We talked about memories and impacts that her mom made on her life.

A Conversation About Death

Ashley Todd and guest Julianne Register discuss their own experiences with death and then share thoughts on topics such as what it means to have a "good" death, the importance of advanced care planning, how our perception of death changes...

My mothers story

My mother talked about her life and her childhood. After asking her personal questions about her past, she began to shed tears remembering what she lived through to give us everything. Towards the end of the interview, Both of my...

the topic of death-Noelle S

An interview of a family member talking about death in their life.

Interview of Ben

Asking my sister’s boyfriend 10 questions.

Death in the South #GSUDDLF19

We talk about how my friend, Harley, deals with death living in the South.

Sociology 110 StoryCorps Interview

My friend and current roommate Matt and I sit down to talk discuss the broad theme of death and how our certain views on the topic came to be.