Antonio Howard and William Hampton

Friends, Antonio Howard (40) and William Hampton (52) have a conversation about Huntsville's historical housing projects, Councill Courts, which was the first affordable housing structure in Huntsville for African Americans.

Vivian Gibson and Delilah Righter

Vivian Gibson (74) tells Delilah Righter (25) about her childhood growing up in the Mill Creek Valley neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri, reflecting on the neighborhood’s disappearance due to urban renewal.

The Mission, a Cultual Marker with Erick Arguello

Cemelli Espitia leads an interview with Muralist and Co-founder and President of Calle 24 Latino Cultural District, Erick Arguello. We discuss gentrification, his raising in the mission in the 70s, the history of the mission, the need for murals, the...

Disaster in paradise

We talked about her feelings while exprincing this and what obstacles she had to go through to survive .

Neighborhood Equity and Latino Urbanism in Dallas, TX

A discussion about the Latino experience in Dallas, TX, small business owners and the threat of housing displacement in Oak Cliff neighborhoods with Jennifer Rangel, urban planner and author of "A Geographical Examination of Urban Planning - Oak Cliff as...

Bill Henry and Lisa Custalow

Colleagues Bill Henry (70) and Lisa Custalow (54) share a conversation about the human history of Shenandoah National Park, the people displaced by the government to create the park, and the work that they are both doing to honor the...

My mom

A boy and his mom discuss childhood similarities and life lessons that can be learned from childhood

Clara Cardriche and Tayra Cardriche

Clara Cardriche (60) is interviewed by her niece, Tayra Cardriche (37), about her early childhood, how her parents met, her mother's immigration from Cuba, the love for her eldest brother, and finally, the forming of her Black identity as she...