Gaining custody of kids as a single dad and the implications that came with.

Today I interviewed Dan Mann about his experience with divorce as a male. He has the insight that many couples going through divorce should hear as he gained custody of two out of the four children.

This interview is with my Maw-Maw who tells me more about her past life and growing up.

Today my grandma and I talked about her life and what she experienced as a child growing up and I found out more about what her parents and siblings were like. She also mentioned that the hardest part of her...

Mental Health in Relationships

I interview my older sister Jenny (40) and my niece Holly (16) about their relationship with Jenny's ex-husband and how his mental health has had a toll on theirs.

Cabin on the land

Summer breaks are typically associated with activities and seeing friends, these are not as easily accomplished while living in an isolated cabin far away from society. On November 26th, 2017 in Los Angeles, California Desi Reed interviewed his father, Christopher...


interviewing my pottery teacher

Bad Times Don’t Mean Bad Endings

4-5 years ago my parents got divorced. Some people, when their parents divorce, grow up to have a “troubled childhood”. But my best friend and I went down memory lane and talked about how I was changed for the better...

My Interview with Grandpa Domas

Jack Clarke(13) talks with Domas Valokititis(73) about life in California.

My Nana (the Scicilian One)

I sit down with my Nana (grandma) who is 82, turning 83 in a couple weeks. We talk about her childhood, her job, what it was like when she got a divorce, and how much she loves her family.

An interview with Jennifer Trunk, my mom.

We talked about my mother’s childhood and the hard time and also the good times.

How does the world around us shape who we are?

Josey is explaining me to me about her childhood and who has influenced her the most throughout her life so far

Irreconcilable Differences – A New Beginning

I am interviewing my husband (soon to be ex-husband) Colin, discussing our time together, our impending divorce and the reasons for it, and what's next for Colin in his life. He speaks openly about his feelings, which is something he...

The Great Listen – Connelly Edition

Latiffany Connelly, born March 5, 1981 is originally from the West side of Chicago and has struggled through being in a sub-par high school, disappointment with her relationships, dealing with young marriage and divorce but has come out on top...

My Hero
September 18, 2018 App Interview

The life of a South Side of Chicago born and raised woman was not easy. Living a little less than ideal childhood and dealing with the death of a sibling and divorce, Diane has proven to be a strong woman...


Tam and the important moments that have shaped her as a woman

Creative Piece – LP

My parents divorce and how it shaped me as an individual

“No plan is a plan” -Momma Rayton

An in depth conversation with my mom Stacey Rayton about how life was for her and how it turned out to be.

An Interview With My Dad

This interview brings about some of the events and memories that have made my dad the wonderful person that he is today.