Moe’s Thoughts on the past election and his political views

Moe and I briefly discussed his political views and how he feels about the past election.

November 11, 2020 App Interview

me and papa talk about the election

Childhood of a Flint Mom

My mom has her own life, her own experiences and wisdom and in this interview I asked her about her life’s accomplishments and wise words she wanted to tell the future generations. In this interview my mom gives advice that...

The Impact of Barack Obama

I talk with my dad about his childhood, education, and the election of Barack Obama.

Donna’s Thoughts on the Past and Present Political Climate

Donna and I discuss her political views and how she feels about today’s political climate

Election interview

Interviewed a family friend and asked about their thoughts for the candidates and election.

2020 with friends

My friends and I made 2020 predictions (including the election). We also talked about our New Years resolutions to see if we stick to them!

Interview of Debra Smith by Samuel Cipriani

This is an interview of Debra Smith about her voting and elections during her lifetime

Interview with Mayor Tannehill

On Monday, November 2, 2020, the day before the 2020 presidential election, I interviewed Oxford mayor Robyn Tannehill about her thoughts on the upcoming election.


An interview about the point of view about GE14 and the influences to broadcast media brought by GE14.

Andy Perry and Mary Jane Stevenson

Friends Andy Perry (49) and Mary Jane Stevenson [no age given] reflect on their time spent working on the Obama campaign and how the work and optimism changed their world view and impacted what they did next.

Running for office as a democratic woman in North Texas

Two women who ran as Democratic candidates for State House and for Congress in Texas discuss life on the campaign trail in the 2018 midterm election.


In this interview I talk with my dad about himself as a child and as a father

Maya’s StoryCorps interview

Interview with my mom about her expo with elections and today’s political climate

Interview with Kimberley

We talked about her work, love & relationships, opinions on election, family, childhood memories, school, and self image

Matthew LeFluer and Steve Kieselstein

One Small Step conversation partners Matthew LeFluer (32) and Steve Kieselstein (63) talk about neuro-diversity, the US Constitution, issues of race and equality, and how to bridge the political divide.