I’m leaving for college, things I want to know before I go.

A father daughter duo interview where the daughter asks the dad some of the things she’s been wondering. Jada is leaving for college in a new state across the country and is leaving behind her biggest support system.


In this interview, conducted in November 2023 in Alexandria, Indiana Jacklynn Hosier (17) interviews her pops, Gary Hosier (71) about his childhood and what he wants for her in her future. He shares stories about his dad, his childhood, and...

Life of Tita

In this interview my great grandmother talks about her life in Nicaragua and the hardships she had. She also talks about the work she did and continues doing out of love.

Interview with a steelworker

This is about a interviewer interviewing a steelworker about the steelworker strikes.

The Foundation That Lasts A Lifetime

We talked about what my mothers life was like growing up with her family, friends, and school teachers.

Who would have knew…

we talked about how Rachel moves on in life

Interviewing my aunt

We talked about her life and what struggles she faced coming here to the United States

Two Families, One Love
December 2, 2020 App Interview

My aunt Nay Nay was adopted when she was six years old. I sat down with her for an interview to ask her about her experience with not only her biological family, but life with her adoptive family as well.

Different Point Of View

How my brother ( Jose ) explains his point of view of his life and how he handles life choices differently.

Nepu Hossain And Litzy

A personal story that defines Litzy’s identity

My Grandmother

The great and beautiful life of my grandmother growing up.

White Avenue

I spoke with my sister about some deep and interesting life topics

Honey Talk

Our discussion includes detailed depictions of all main characters in the book/movie The Secret Life of Bees, as well as interactions between them. Important points and idle humor was also portrayed.

After Shelter with Kasey Cook and Colton Huelskamp

Kasey Cook and Colton Huelskamp talk with Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis Visitor Services Associate Courtney Paolicchi about quarantine and the hope of art while standing inside the art installation "SHELTER" by Derek Fordjour.

Mother & Child

In this interview, I ask my mother a series of questions regarding our family history, how she met my father, and her relationship with me. The interview is both interesting and emotional and displays the strong connection between mother and...

"I need to see my wife, it might be the last time I see her"

Debbie had a brush with death that forever changed her life. She is a wife, a mother, a graduate student, and as of December she is a brain bleed survivor. The odds were against Debbie, but she beat them. Here...

Learning more about my great grandma

In this interview I talk with my mom about my great grandma, and learn about the traditions she started and the ones we’ll continue.

Storytelling assignment

I sit down with my mother and ask her questions about her life now and then.

Education Impact

This was very emotional and we talked about who we were inspired by and the lessons we’ve learned through out life.

Grandma first interview
December 30, 2020 App Interview

Not finished. My grandma was very emotional when she was talking about her parents praying for her when she was very sick at the age the 7.

It All Started in 1972…

We talked about a lot. If you’re crazy enough, you should listen to it.

Comm Project
October 14, 2021 App Interview

The overall interview was good I learned new things about my partner that I was not aware of. The interview even had me rethinking my perspective on my life in figuring out what my greatest accomplishments are and how people...