Renee Contento with Cathy Morrin

Renee Contento spoke with Cathy Morrin about her move to Evergreen Park in 1960. She loved EP especially how close the schools, parks, churches, and businesses were to her home.

Dennis Duffy with Josh Moro

Recreation Dept started in 1970, his father was first director, $10,000 budget. First preschool class is now 50 years old.Spoke of his time in Evergreen Park and the services the Village offers. Was also a Br. Rice teacher

Chris Raap with Olsin Twomey

Long time Evergreen Park librarian (40 years) talks about growing up in the area, helping students and the changes she’s seen in the library.

Arthur Vandermar with Anna Wassenaar.

He spoke of his travels as a big band musician (drums). Spoke of playing with Tommy Dorsey Band. He was on stage with Bob Hope, Ray Charles and Dinah Shore.

Kathie Vanpuyenbroeck with Mary Black.

Kathy talks about growing up in Evergreen Park. She has lived in the same house for 53 years. She moved into her parents home. She was a crossing guard for 28 years. She remembers the tornado of 1967 and the...

Susan Fabian with Cathy Morrin

Susan speaks about her childhood and the community of Evergreen Park, a wonderful, vibrant place for families and children.. Her parents instilled a love of culture, literature, art, music, and dance. Her Mom taught her to think for herself.