Abbey ACTUALLY talks about her feelings

abbey & i talk about her feelings on how her life is going & what has shaped her into the person she is today.

Writing Interview: A Window into the Life of Diane Forese

My mother learned a great deal from her early years in France and in college. She values family more than anything else in the world.

World History Project
November 22, 2018 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma about her life when she was a child, in high school, and in college. She is a very talented person and also very spiritual. She has strong beliefs and a testimony that have helped shape her...


Mrs. Hanson is my person of interest because she is majored in many fields and has gain many knowledge along the way.

Mr Gates

I interview Mr. Gates and we talk about the ups and downs about his life and I learned things I never would have known other wise and I am genuinely really glad I got to know Mr. Gates more because...

University Seminar

Today we talked about what it’s like to grow up in a single parent household and the struggles, and benefits, that correspond with that.

Yen Kha Luong and James Innes

Yen Luong (17) talks with her grandpa, James Innes (60) about his experience and what he suffered when he was just a boy until now.

Dylan Lemma – Interview with my dad.

We talked about what my father has seen in his life, and the unfortunate experiences from the years spent in the military and in law enforcement, and what he was most grateful for.

Jordy Basabe and his mother Yolanda Silva talk about experiences in Mexico as a child and experiences now in the U.S.

In this interview, conducted June 6th, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Jordy Basabe (17) interviews his mother Yolanda Silva (41) about her childhood in Mexico and her experiences here in the U.S. in Spanish. Ms. Silva shares stories about the experiences...

Me and My Sister

I talked to my sister about her high school experience and her highs and lows and really got to learn a lot about her that I did not previously know.

Attitude of Gratitude Lei

I interviewed my dad a few questions about his life and reasons to be thankful.

A Mother’s Wisdom

I spoke with my mom about her experiences and the people who have been important to her.


I interviewed my father in order to gain some more knowledge about his experiences. I️ asked him questions about his life and things he learned that I️ could learn myself.

Family History

a interview about my family moving from one country to another. she shares some information about the experience and details during the move

Me and my Grandma Betsy

A brief summary of our family and insight on both my grandma and I. Also her experiences through her life.

Sarah Winther’s History and Experiences

In this interview we spoke about many of Sarah Winther’s experiences and past. This ranged from good and bad influences in her life, at work and at home, to her childhood experiences. We spoke about how she used these influences...

Interviewing my mom

I asked her questions about her life and experiences.

Interview with my Dad

Short interview with my father about his life and some of his experiences.

Listening to Daijah

In this interview, we discussed a variety of topics. From gender identity to personal experiences, here is Daijah’s story.

My Moms Life And Experiences

My mom revealed her life when she was a teenager and how she used her time. I look up to her and the lessons she learned I learned from her.