Service learning project

This project interviewed my mom about life experiences etc

Naomi Jacob and her father Rajesh Jacob talk about his career journey.

In this interview, that took place on November 29, 2018 in St. Paul, Texas, Naomi Jacob (14) interviews her father Rajesh Jacob (47) about his career journey and his workplace experiences. Mr. Jacob talks about his current career and the...

StoryCorps Assignment

I interview my roommate Ashley, we are both second year Business Majors at Cal Poly. Me and my roommate talk about who’s inspired her, the bad experiences that have shaped her life, and how she hopes to be remembered.


This interview is about her life experiences and her plan for the future.

Raul Jesus Rodriguez Interview

Mia Rodriguez interviews her grandfather, Raul Jesus Rodriguez, who she calls Popo about his life experiences and what he would like their family and the rest of the world to remember.

Grace and Tim

This interview summarizes the life and experiences of Timothy Branco

My Grandad

America,personal history,children,philosophy,etc...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Life Experience Homework Assignment.

This interview was conducted in Bowie Maryland on November 20th, 2017. The interviewer was Anna Gardiner interviewing her grandmother about her life experiences. We talked about stories, childhood, school, marriages, voting, and Religion.

Jolene Johnson, current dance teacher at El Molino, interviewed by her student, Madigan Paschall.

Ms. Johnson talks about her experience teaching at El Molino, the things that she has learned, her view on the community of this high school, and much more.

Learning More About My Family

In this interview, I talked to my aunt, Yiting Zhu, about the experiences in the past as well as what who she is as an individual. She talks about how her school life was like and the things she has...

Learning About My Father – George Sabeh

My father tells me about how working hard and being flexible to different cultures and lifestyles is valuable in life, how he wants me to find happiness and be happy, and recounts his experiences. Immigrating from Venezuela to Syria to...

Interview to my dad

I interviwed my dad with great questions to get to know more about his thoughts and opinions.

Interview with Mom

I ask my mom questions about her experiences growing up in both Australia and Japan

Interview With My Mom: Lissette Valdes-Brito

In this interview with my mom we talked about her life and how she expected it to be. We also went over what she was very grateful for and what she has experienced throughout all her time here. This interview...


This interview consisted of me, Afaan Tiwana, 17, and my mother, Nargis Tiwana, 42, and her experiences in life over the years from her childhood to her years in the workforce.

Simona Trakiyska & Scott Acord

Simona has created a life for herself where she is able to travel for extended periods of time and work from wherever she happens to land. This semi-nomadic life allows her to get immersed in other cultures, meet locals and...

Abel Naranjo and his sister Abigail Naranjo reflect on life experiences and relationship as siblings

Abel Naranjo and his older sister Abigail Naranjo discuss Abigail's life as a child and how she has developed into the person she is now. Abigail discusses her life as a child and reflects on people in her life who...

A Non Hitchhiker’s (my Mom’s) Guide to the Galaxy

I interview my mother on a variety of different topics, ranging from the fall of Communism to ramen noodles.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interview my father about his childhood and life as a young adult and what he learned from it, compared to what he’s learned as an adult, plus the experiences he had as a child also compared to his adult...

Part one Interview with Seaver and Miranda

Uncle Chet interviewing Seaver and Miranda about life, childhood, experiences, and the future.

Family Matriarch

We talked about how our great grandmother loved her life. We also learned what her perspective of the American Dream.

Thanksgiving Grade 8 Project

The interview reviews topics such as childhood, work, personal life and much more.