Interview practice

We’ve talked about her family and accomplishments

My Mother’s Relationship with Her Family

I sit down with my mother to discuss her life and how she feels about her family.


Interviewing my grandma 12/21/17


We talked about his childhood, and parents

Growing up

During this interview Allicia Billing talks about her life growing up and her dreams.


Hannah talked about her two decades of living in Singapore

Interviewing the person I’ve know my whole life… but I don’t really know, my mom

For a school project we had to interview someone in our lives and I choose my mom, so this is that a whole 45 minuets of a child and a mother learning more about one another!

Zarif Nafee and his cousin Robert share some stories during thanksgiving

In this interview conducted in November 2017, in Chicago, iL Zarif Nafee ( 18) interviews his good friend and cousin Robert (16) about his life. He talks about his grandparents and how he never saw his grandads. And then later...

CTC Interview Bow Wilson

This interview is about my grandmother. She talked about her childhood, her family, and other various things.

Fortner Family Journey

First part of my interview about my family’s heritage and journey.

My fathers story life

Talked more about him and my family tree . Getting to know him better

The great listening thanks giving

We talked about what thanksgiving really means to people

Thanksgiving Break: Interviewing my paternal grandmother Maria

In this interview I discussed with my grandma her family life, the major turning points in her life, her religion, and many stories about my cousins.

Anne Mosle interview

We talked about our relationship and her life with love and work and family

My mom Nancy – Wachusett2017

My mom and I talked about her childhood and what it was like growing up on her family farm. We talked about one historic event that gave her a new perspective on life. We also talked about the loss of...