The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandfather is very stubborn so to get him to do this was great. It was very fun and learning things I didn't know.

Interview with My Grandma: Buisnesswoman and Immigrant

Interview with my Grandma Susan Chen: immigrant, businesswoman, teacher

The Life of a Nonna

Delving into the life of an Italian Grandmother in the states.

Oral History Project

We talked about life and all the experiences that led her (my mom) to where she is today

Erika interviews Aixa
September 25, 2018 App Interview

we talked about Aixa’s life and how she grew up.

Learning about my families history with my Grandma
September 11, 2020 App Interview

In this interview conducted in Sep 2020, I interview my grandmother about her life and decades of experience. She shares about her childhood memories of playing with her sisters and her highschool issues with a somewhat unhappy relationship with friends...

Thanksgiving Listen

Today I talked with my grandmother about her life growing up as a child and her life growing up into an adult and how her experiences have changed her.

Grandma’s childhood

This is an interview with my grandma. She explains her childhood, her family, and even an ancestor.

AP Lang Conversation

I talk with my mother about her life. We discuss the many losses in her family and how they effected her and her mother. We talk about how leaving home and her family changed her outlook on life.

Fortner Family Journey

My Grandmother talks about our family's heritage and journey.

Ali Shulman & Robert Oertly Interview

A pair a friend's reconnect and reminisce over shared anxieties and appreciation of one another's friendship.