Interview with my Uncle Tom Ryan about advice for young adults beginning life on their own.

A conversation about family history. The we discussed relationships and what leads to successful ones. We conclude with talking about our family and it’s legacy.

Arlene Bruno

Interviewing Arlene Bruno on Christmas Day in 2019. Discussing her life, advice, and general thoughts

Interview with my father

Just talking about his life and his moments

Me And Mum
November 24, 2018 App Interview

Me and my mother discuss stuff about her childhood, all the way to her family today.

Attitude Of Gratitude Maus

We talked about our past life and what we value. Also, we talked about our experiences with family.

Thanksgiving Break: Interviewing my paternal grandmother Maria

In this interview I discussed with my grandma her family life, the major turning points in her life, her religion, and many stories about my cousins.

Sorensen’s Interview of Riley

I ask Riley about what two people who are important to her, what she would say to her older self as a teenager, and what she is most grateful for.


Talked to my aunts about her childhood life and her experience with many other siblings

Anthony and Kenneth DeMarco

Growing up in the city of Chicago, going off to college, and raising kids.

English project Interview

We talked about many topics including family members. Also touched on if people should goto college and why Native Americans history is not represented.

development proj. – mo

In this interview, conducted via Zoom from New Jersey, US and Derbyshire, England, Hanako Moulton (17) interviews her father’s sibling Mo Moulton. Moulton shares stories on their experiences as a lgbtq+ teenager in Massachusetts, their career in academia, and their...

The Importance of Family

Listen to my father share his meaning of family. He explains his childhood and the lessons his parents taught him to shape him into the person he is today.

Mom interview

Interview with mom didn’t get the chance to do it with my grandparents

My interview with my dad

My dad and I were talking about his childhood and he said some things that I didn't know about and might show you how easy you have it. We also talked about his family members and said a few stories...

Unknown American(Leandro Mendoza Garcia)interviewer (Edwin Nova Cordero)

I’ve known Leandro for most of my life, never did I think how his actually life struggles were. He is a very family dedicated man, positive towards life, and hard working. The war in his country made him come to...

Apush Grade Reclemation

During this interview me and my grandmother discuss her childhood, traditions, as well as legacy.

Interview with Dad

I just asked my dad a couple questions about the impacts on his life and the legacy he wants

Growing up

During this interview Allicia Billing talks about her life growing up and her dreams.