IB Lit: Media Presentation of Family and Social Relationships — interview with my dad

For my IB Language and Literature class, I asked my father questions relating to his family experiences and how the media was or wasn’t an impact on them. At the end, he recites a poem he made about his aunt...

Mother talks to son about growing up in Meridian, Mississippi

Lea McCracken talks about the best memories in her life growing up in Meridian, Mississippi. Talking about everything from the happiest moments to the biggest regrets of her childhood.

Morgan Family Interview

My good friend and roommate Morgan and I talked about family and relationships while in the car.

My interview with my mother

My mom shares a few stories about her life and our family, and also a few life lessons.

#TheGreatListen2019 with my Grandpa!

An interview with my Grandpa about life, and particularly what he means to me.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Explained how she lived and what aspects affected her life and where she got today.

Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed Mrs Ellis she is a teacher at our school and she has lived in Alexandria all her life and loved her job

Moms life

This interview is talking about my moms life and how it is now

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked and answered some questions about my family and my mom’s life when she was growing up.

Marquis Interviews Mom

I interviewed my mom (Porscha Bell). This interview was mostly about how her life has been for her.

Margaret Kondrick tells her great granddaughter, Emily, about growing up and her life in Western Pennsylvania.

In this interview, taken in November 2019 in Rural Ridge, Pennsylvania, Emily Kondrick (16) interviews her grandmother, Margaret Kondrick (84), about her childhood and growing up in West Deer and Rural Ridge, Pennsylvania. Ms. Kondrick talks about being born during...

Thanksgiving Interview

My mom shares her life from her childhood, and explains why it’s really important to be respectful to others and to appreciate the people around you.

Interviewing my aunt lisa

How was her passed life. And mostly about family.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My Grandpa is a God loving man who loves and cares deeply for his family. He is my biggest inspiration for everything I do.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An interview over the phone with my grandma about her life. This was recorded on December 2nd, 2019 in Maryland. She answers questions about her childhood in Jamaica. Her first days in America. And some classic family stories.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Me and my Mother talked about her childhood and some other really important things.

Interview questions
February 11, 2020 App Interview

Me and my mom talked about her life and my grandpa's.

My parents love story.

Love can be found in different places, this is how my parents met and shows their journey throughout their marriage.

Stacey Quiriconi’s interview

Today I asked my mother some questions about how she was impacted in her life and how she made an impact on others.