Caleb and Aubrey, best bro’s
October 25, 2019 App Interview

We recorded the interview at home. I started out by asking him about his favorite memories of us. We then talked about our family. I asked him a little about school, and work. We ended on how he liked doing...

BC interview to my Grandma

She answered 10 personal questions with experiences she’s had in her life

Interview with Omar Villalobos

We talked a lot about past memories and what his hopes are for the future. We also talked a lot about family.

Interview with Mirella Corea

We talked about how her life was growing up and how it is to live in Puerto Rico. We also havetalked about her family and parenting.

Interview with my Grandpa

This is an interview with my grandpa, Eduardo, where he talks about his childhood, lessons he’s learned, and obstacles in his life.

Mary Foley Interview

This is my interview with my long time girlfriend, fellow Marine, Mary Foley. The interview took place in her hometown of Braintree, MA. I asked her various questions regarding her childhood, family, and service.

aidan’s interview

Sitting down with my boyfriend to talk about his family life.

My Grandmother’s Life

We talked about my grandmother’s life and her experiences.

UMD Activation Academy : Team Leader, UMD 2022

A student’s story about battling family issues and using community service to gain peace and perspective in life

Story Time With Allison

Sitting down with the one and only Allison

Marilyn Lindbeck

Discussed life growing up in the wilds of Northern Minnesota

My Dads Story

My fathers life story, up until I was born. His early childhood, teenage years, college, and eventually meeting my mom and having me.

Interview with Linden – COMM 1111

Linden and I spent some time together exploring his childhood, personal thoughts on his own life, and what has shaped him as a person.

Le interview.

Family, how it affects our life. The lessons life has taught us.


My Grandma talked about the 50’s and brought up how she got through having kids and the changes in lifestyle

Story Corp w/ Hang Phan

We talked about our family history as well as my mom’s modern life.

Shelleby’s Interview with Miriam

Miriam talks about her family tree and why it’s important to her.

The Great Listen 2018

We talked about life and her life and family and how she grew up and her mindset.