Final Project

we talked about our family and what her childhood was like as well as her family.

The Great Listen
November 23, 2018 App Interview

I asked my aunt about her childhood and her memories.

Cammeron’s Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2018

In this recording, Cammeron Bryant at Matoaca High School in Richmond, Virginia records a interview for the 2018 pilot of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. Cammeron Bryant is in 12th grade and is studying Honors College Composition.

Mother’s Thanksgiving Listen

This interview was conducted in November 2017 in College Point, NY, Maui Cate Tumanda interviews her mother, Marichu Tumanda, about her life and childhood. Mrs. Tumanda’s parents had a great impact in her life and were one of the factors...

MBHS Stories

A brief interview about childhood, family, and love.

Researching in fun, by Ryoma

I interviewed my father at November 23 in my house. I interview my father to ask question about the childhood and other things because we did a activity at I&S.

“I won’t forget my past.”

On November 19th, 2017, in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, Shelly Luu (16) conducts an interview with her dad, Kevin Luu (58). Kevin Luu had left Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam during the Vietnam War, so that he can escape being...

Interview with my Great Aunt Linda

I interviewed my Great Aunt Linda about her childhood and the important things in her life.

Interviewing Tracy Blanchard

We talk about her childhood and who influenced her the most. We also talk about what she would do if we could go back in time.

Addisyn & Aunt Michelle 1/2/2019

Interview of Addisyn at age 5. Unfortunately, this was over FaceTime since I had a cold and my sister had bronchitis, but the game plan is to redo this interview every year as Addisyn grows up.

"You're my lucky charm"

An interview with my dad on his struggles with work, moving to a different country and his health.

Personal Narrative Interview

Our teacher, Ms.Kosover assigned us to interview our partner and ask about the topic, they chose for their personal narrative and other questions.

November 29, 2017 App Interview

Interviewing my dad about his life.

Nick Carlson has a conversation with his papa, Terry Carlson, about his experiences throughout his lifetime.

My papa gave me a summary of his life growing up, his influences and lessons he learned. He also described his many occupations, how he met my nana, and past family members.

Interviewing My Dad!

In this interview i ask my dad questions about his past and his wishes for me in the future.

Two peas in a pod

I learned that Mom and I were a lot more alike than I thought.

Carlos Colburn and his mom Katia Colburn talk about moving to the states.

In this interview my mom and I talked about her child hood and what it was like growing up in two different countries. We talked bout her parents and how they effected her life. To finish the interview off we...

Boy meets Miltary Base

Once upon a time a young boy went through the stages of life: childhood, college, and being all grown up; however this same boy got to travel the world, become the resident advisor of his college dorm and work at...

My Granfather’s Story

For this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Warsaw, Indiana, Colin Temple (17) interviews his grandfather Richard May (77) about his general life. Mr. May is sharing the stories of his life based on general life questions to talk with...