Don Anderson (my dad!) interviewed by Annie Anderson (me!) on November 30, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA

Don Anderson discusses his childhood growing up in Chicago, what he is grateful for, and what kind of legacy he will leave to his children and grandchildren.

30 mins with Mom

I learned a lot about my mom and she learns a bit about me.

The best woman I know

We talked about growing up. We also discussed our relationship as mother and daughter.

My Mother

We talked about My parents and their relationship. We also talked about mine and my mom’s relationship.

Trinity W, and Kate B

Two high schoolers talk about life any expectations for the future

Ryan Petersen

In this interview Ryan talked about his childhood, people who influenced his life, what he’s proud of most, what he wants to be remembered by, and his favorite hobbies and interests.

A Conversation With My Mother

My mother and I discuss the difficulties of living with Crohn’s disease.

Great Recession

We talked about the Great Recession

My Auntie & I

For College Prep Class I decided to interview my favorite Auntie who I grew up with. To see how her childhood was like. Asking absolutely random questions.

Daddy and Daughter

Me and my father have a heart felt conversation

Interview with Susie (my mom)

In this interview there are some child hood memories and a incredibly crazy travel story in Indonesia

Interview with Dad

My dad described (in Polish) about the most important person in his life and a memory from his childhood.

Joshua and Alexa’s Interview

My name is Joshua Bookamire and this is an interview that I did with my wife for my interpersonal communication class. Hope you enjoy!

Abrahamson rodeo company

All about our family and rodeo company

Alejandra part 2

Alejandra talks about her family and her move to the United States