A Little Bit of My Family’s History

We tried talking about my mom but with grandpa dead its kind of hard.

Carlton Wall and Rufus Van Horn

Friends, Carlton Wall (38) and Rufus Van Horn (53), share a conversation about their overlapping family history within their community. They also discuss their personal ancestors, who might not have identified as activists, but naturally supported racial integration through a...

Liam F. and his grandparents

Liam interviewed his grandparents on grandparents day!

Kate the great

Interview with my 90 year old mother and my sister.

Family Together Forever
January 10, 2020 App Interview

I interviewed my mom who has passed down wisdom to me and shared stories that I have never heard before.

Randy Rich and Ashley Rich

Ashley Rich (28) interviews her father Randy Rich (53) about his childhood, fatherhood, traveling and his path in the construction industry.

My Dad tells about his Life Stories

On November 25, 2018 in Los Angelos CA, I will be interviewing Rodan Ubungen, or in other words my Dad! He was born on September 24, 1981 in Baguio City, Philippines. Then immigrated to the United States with him and...

Diane Whitmore and Jennifer Gorospe

Diane Whitmore (57) is interviewed by her friend, Jennifer Gorospe (51), about her recent discovery of being mixed race after finding out her great grandfather had been an enslaved person of African descent.

Karen Andres and Bob Elkins

Karen Andres (72) and her uncle Robert "Bob" Elkins (95) talk about their family's history in Russia, New York, and California.

Cynthia Morrill interviews Jo Ann Morrill December 26, 2020

Cynthia Morrill: 2020-12-26 22:59:21 age 52 interviews her mother, Jo Ann Morrill, age 86. Discussed change of women's roles in 20th century, family history, loss and grief, moving from a small town to a city.

Husband and Wife discuss their marriage in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Julia Torres: 2020-04-23 00:35:37 Married for 26 years, John and Julia are navigating their long-distance marriage impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. They share their emotions, logistical challenges, teachable moments and hopes for surviving this crisis.

George Ready and Keelan Weeks

Keelan Ready Weeks (27) interviews her father George Ready (64) about his father, Bill Ready Sr., and his civil rights work. They talk George's childhood, their family history, and George's work in politics today.

Wallace Smith and By Thao

Wallace Smith (82) is interviewed by By Thao (no age given) about his family history and early life in Alaska as well as his experiences teaching in Alaska.

Llyn Kawasaki and Alice Chung

Llyn talks about her family's experience in a Japanese internment camp. She talks about the impact that had on her family and community, and then the conversation moves on to her personal history as she reaches a huge milestone -...

Kimberly Chang, Allison Chang, and Jocelyn Chang

Daughters Kimberly Chang [no age given] and Allison Chang (48) discuss with their mother Jocelyn Chang (75) the topic of human trafficking and how their family history as Asian/Native Hawaiians overlap with this issue.

Thanksgiving History with Grandma

I take the time to learn more about who my grandma is, and who the rest of my family was too. Banks, school in Italy, Frank getting taken out by a gold-diggers with a frying pan... There's a lot I...