Interview with my dad
November 28, 2022 App Interview

My name is Jackson Brown and I’m 12 years old. I interviewed my dad, Tim Brown who is 52. We discussed some early family history, his childhood, his work life, how he met and married my mom and some things...

“I would say my childhood was very active”

This is an interview of My Mom Michelle Casalo and the interveiwer Thomas Casalo and I choose my Mom because she will have the best knowledge about my family history as well I don’t know the best about her childhood....

Armando Jose Villasana Donaire, a Journey from 1939 to Present

In 2016 Armando Villasana Donaire (83) was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. This was shocking news to all his family. During this time, his son Armando Villasana Aguilera (43) commuted every day from Plantation, FL to Doral, FL, and while listening...

Veronica Seymour and Marian Atkins

Marian Atkins (65) shares what she knows about her mother's life story with her daughter, Veronica Seymour (35). They discuss how she survived World War II as a child in Japan, what it was like for her to immigrate first...

Ed Dickson, Spring Valley Farm, Monroe County, WV

An interview with my father, Ed Dickson, 83, on the family farm in West Virginia after the funeral of his last remaining sibling.

Emily Wool and Timothy Wool

Spouses, Emily Wool (32) and Timothy Wool (33), reminisce on their many memories at Innisfree Village in Crozet, Virginia, including their first date, moving to the village, and favorite landmarks.

Natasha Herring and Virginia Vasquez

Friends and soul sisters Natasha Herring (48) and Virginia Vasquez (40) remember their grandparents' life and talk about how they have been influenced by them at various stages in life.

Nora Sutz and Rachel Sutz Pienta

Dr. Rachel Sutz Pienta (49) sits down with her mother, Nora Sutz (71), to discuss their family history, to reminisce about their favorite family memories, and to remember family members who have passed away.

Lucy’s Interview

interviewing my Tia Lucy, my dad’s oldest sister, while my dad is in the hospital recovering from his liver biopsy for his cancer diagnosis.

Sonya Miller Preis and Naomi Love

Sonya Miller Preis [no age given] talks with her conversation partner, Naomi Love (27), about her family history. Sonya honors her grandfather, Joe Miller, and her grandfather's aunt, Fania Marinoff, and she also talks about her cousins, her appreciation for...

Family Interview

This is an overview of my family's background. I learned so much info as I had grandparents on both sides.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my grandpa who is 68 and me(Garrett Bailey) who is 13 years old.

The Thymianos Family Interview

The youngest Thymianos child interviewing her father

Pierson and Dad

4th grader Pierson interviews his Dad about his history in Cutchogue. We hear about both his Mom and Dad’ family ties to the North Fork.

Teresa Fowler and Jill-Anne Fowler

Teresa Fowler (73) shares a conversation with her daughter Jill-Anne Fowler (47) about her childhood, her parents, the military's impact on her life, and her career journey.

Rick Osborne and Mary Kearney

Rick Osborne (54) shares a conversation with his sister Mary Kearney (70) about their family, their experiences growing up, and their happiest and saddest moments.