Me (Jazmyn) & my Mom

Me and my Mom talking about our family history.

Interview with Elise Acuff: It’s Appalachian to not know you’re Appalachian

Elise and I talked about her favorite places in Appalachia, her feelings of disconnection from Appalachian, her distant cousin Roy Acuff, making cornbread, and being the keeper of family history.

Tea Time with Ted

During this interview, I discussed with Cuong Nguyen (my father) about his history, his family, his dreams when he first migrated to the United States. I also discussed his hopes for me and my older brother.

Family project

We talked pretty much about my fathers life and how he’s changed as a person over time.

Asa Kramer-Dickie and Jane Dickie

Asa Kramer-Dickie (22) interviews grandmother Jane Dickie (74) about her family history and younger years

Oral storytelling

We talked about family history and the parents and grandparents

Heather Brinkerhoff and Kathleen Morrissey

Heather Brinkerhoff (54) talks with her friend, Kathleen Morrissey (71), about the Sadie Brown Cemetery, racial segregation in West Plains, and the importance of acknowledging history.

Lela Jackson and son Charles Jackson talk about love and family.

In this interview I talked to my mom that is 40 years old about our family. We went deep in the history of our family and the last jobs that my late grandfather took place in. Also about my grandmother...

Bob Kudrick – Sharing Stories Project

Bob Kudrick tells about his family history and childhood, and shares some useful words of wisdom.

Karen Whitsett and Chris Jakob

Karen Whitsett (49) remembers her parents with her son, Chris Jakob (26). Karen talks about her childhood, family history, and the many sacrifices that her parents made for her. She discusses why Detroit holds a special place in her heart...

Interview W/ Grandmother

My grandmother and I talked about her as a child and her parents, along with her being a parent and having a child. We talked about her memories throughout her life.

Family History

A discussion with my father about our family history and some important figures in our family

Interview with my Uncle Tom Ryan about advice for young adults beginning life on their own.

A conversation about family history. The we discussed relationships and what leads to successful ones. We conclude with talking about our family and it’s legacy.